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  1. EU 2 and US 1 server having problems right now please wait , it will be hopefully up soon... You can play on EU 1 untill it gets allright !
  2. well yeah... you should do all ingame jobs xD, then case is done xD
  3. hmm, not these ones what can be done on the trailers example adding raven tires to trailer and you can crash everyone around you or editing savegame bit wrongly what can cause everyone crash except you
  4. Same crashes were before.. i have been having them before, it might be done by people who are using not suitable mods.. encountered them most around most populated areas...
  5. I'm sure he got it working , because no more replies but need to wait still
  6. EU 2 and US1 servers are down right now , im sure right now that thats the reason why you can drive only 90 KMH.. , because you're in offline mode !
  7. naah i think it might not work because the timer is timer :/ cant be changed, and need to wait
  8. I mean, did you try to load up older savegame in singleplayer? if you have still the problem with trailers try again "force_economy_reset set as 1" , if you haven't done it yet
  9. No idea the most of my time im not online ingame , and when I'm online im pretty much recording events ingame not sure, maybe i do have the same issue as well but did you try it singleplayer ? "force_economy_reset set as 1"
  10. Yup, EU 2 and US 1 is down :/, guys you need to wait and play on EU 1
  11. well, 1st. you should make your convoy there : http://ets2c.com, just choose the locations and add little info ! Optimally add like 2 hours before convoy so many people will show up. Basically some people might get same trailers to same location what you might have but everybody cant have the same 1. Basically convoy in game is just people following leader to hes trailer destination!
  12. hehe what happens if you take older savegame?, are there still 2800+ hours untill end of load ?, like old savegame 1 week back or so ... maybe it helps?
  13. Quicktravelling helps , just go to another city but yeah its annoying to find job with a friend like that
  14. Yeap, tried it out, they're not working...
  15. There might be problem with eu 2 server , just play on EU 1 and try again tomorrow, thats the thing what we could do right now :/
  16. Go to the Documents folder / My Documents / Euro Truck Simulator 2 and then click the “config.cfg“, this opens it now with the text editor. Now you look for the entry “uset g_developer” and “uset g_console” and change there the “0” to “1“. As well you cold try: Make new savegame, take loan from bank and try to buy yourself a truck from dealer and after you're done use your truck if you don't have any jobs, go to singleplayer and go to sleep and then reconnect to ets2mp and see if it helped... It has helped me always
  17. Haha would love if the glitch would work in real life as well ! , but seriously tought its kinda disturbing that you cant change trailers after sleeping...
  18. Thanks, and good luck trying tomorrow!
  19. Then it might be t he problem with EU 2 server, because i just heard that some more people having same kind problem , Play on eu 1 and try to connect to EU 2 again tomorrow , it could be the best solution
  20. Hmm, it might be problem with your internet connection speed ?, can you connect to EU 1?
  21. Hmm, right now should be Eu 2 online, what does it say when you're connection to EU 2?
  22. try to uninstall it and then, try to connect , it might crash the game, but not sure!
  23. haha, but have you ever given your load your trailer parked cross over the unloading point .. Don't think so... http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/19287-bugged-unloading-zone/and check this out ! when talking about bugs!
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