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  1. Hi @General18, Thanks a lot for reopening the topic ? I was out of station, so could not reply earlier. You can close the topic after this comment, should be fine ? Just thought of informing what I observed, that's all.. ? Regarding the LAN cable part which You mentioned, I tried that as well now. But still I see the unreliable connection issue (same as wifi). Basically, my router is right next to the system, so ? What I observed is that, when the server load is less than 3500-4000 players (approx.), I never face any connectivity issues to it, be it wifi or LAN cable. I did long jobs (without ferry, 2000kms+ jobs via Russia) from Finland (Turku/Kouvola) to Berlin and then from Berlin to Munich. Here is what I observed: 1. When server has less than 3500-4000 players, no connectivity is observed. (Same in wifi/LAN) 2. When server has above 3500 or 4000 players, I start getting unreliable connection issue after some 1 hour of gameplay. And this issue I faced not in heavily populated cities but in Norway, where usually player count is cities is less than 20. Both scenarios 1 and 2 were done in same internet session, i.e. No modem restarts in between, same IP, no downloads in background, just truckers FM. After scenario 1 above (which took around 2 hours to finish), exited ETS2 and joined the server back again after an hour with scenario 2 and in scenario 2, just the player load on the server was 4000+. May be this is the reason why I never hit connectivity issues on any other servers like SIM2 or Event servers as player count never exceeds 4000+ on them. Its just my guess, I might be wrong ?, just thought of posting my observations, that's all ? With high player load too, I at least get a good 1.2 hours in single session, so it should be good enough for now ? Best Regards!!
  2. Hello Again @Drexyy ? Sure, thanks a lot for the help!! Your original steps made it much better to play on SIM 1. I do not face frequent disconnections like before, but that issue is still there, but much more bearable. So, I guess this thread can be closed for now. Will use the support system if needed. Thanks a lot for the help!! Highly appreciate it!! ?
  3. Hi @Drexyy, @Krisi1051 ? I tried most of it except the "Last resort" section. Also, I played using Wifi and did not connect to VPN either. Tried everything else in the steps provided. The gameplay on sim 1 was much better compared to before. I thought the issue got resolved, but after around 1.2 hours on the server, I was kicked due to "Unreliable Connection". I had the developer console set to 16 for almost 1 hour, and did not observe any issue, be it crowded cities or empty roads. But in the end, the server did kick me out after 1.2 hours. However, this was much better than a kick in 10 mins ? And yes. nothing was being downloaded in the back ground. I was only listening to truckers FM.
  4. Woah!! That's a lot of things to try, but sure will try it, thanks a lot for the detailed help!!
  5. Hi All, I'm aware that this has been asked before but I could not find an answer to it, so posting the question again, as my issue is related to EU SIM 1 alone. I keep getting disconnected from Simulation 1 server all the time within 10 mins of login, stating "Unreliable Connection". I do not see this issue with any other servers, but just EU SIM 1. Even on Event servers where there are more than 100+ players near me, I do not hit this issue. But somehow EU Simulation 1 server hates me. Not sure why.. Have been facing this issue for quite some time now. I used to avoid EU SIM 1 server for this reason, but I somehow want this issue resolved now. Please find speed test snapshot attached. Any help is appreciated!!
  6. Just curious, is it a permanent freeze and You need to restart the game? OR is it some 5 to 10 secs freeze and game recovers automatically after that? In latter case, how many garages and trucks/drivers do You own?
  7. Yes, I do , I have Garages in all cities (Main map+East+ Scandinavia+France), but many of them empty, and 200+ drivers (and trucks for each of them). But this was the case in 1.27 as well. I did not hit this issue in 1.27, and I've *not* purchased more garages or hired drivers either. Same number of trucks and drivers as in 1.27, issue seen after 1.28 only. I'll try SP mode and see if it hangs during auto save. If it does not, then problem is with MP mod . BTW, the game recovers in 5 secs, no crash seen.
  8. HI, I've a pretty strong PC with Nvidea GTX 1070 and i7 Processor, 16 GB RAM. Also, the game saves are done on a 512 GB SSD. However, while playing multiplayer(have not tried on SP mode yet), whenever the game triggers an auto save, the game freezes for some 5 seconds. I did *not* have this problem earlier and it has started only after recent ETS2/MP update. Any idea how to solve this? I'm not confident enough to play this game on MP servers now, bcoz I never know when an auto save will be triggered and my game will freeze for 5 secs. Any help is appreciated!! Thanks!
  9. @stilldre1976, @RayRay5@Gonzalox: Ok Cool!! Thanks a lot for the info!! Will start recording then Thanks for the quick responses, Appreciate it!
  10. Hi, Is the new reporting system(in-game) actually being used by admins? Just curious.. Below is the update log by mwl4(highlighted). As per my understanding, a demo is stored on server, 2 mins backwards from the time of reporting? Is it correct? The reason I'm asking is, I got rammed by a player while overtaking him on a highway. He intentionally did it, so reported him immediately. He was still ahead of me after I reported, and he was driving at like 40 kmph. So, I tried to overtake him and again he rammed me. I report him again. He does the same 3rd time, but this time, his truck does not start and hence I go ahead with my cargo delivery. However, after sometime, I get a chat notification like "[System] No action was taken against player wikgames (634, TruckerMPID:1385959). [22:12:34] [System] If you feel this to be incorrect, please submit a report on our website." I thought the server kept demos while creating report in-game. So, I was not recording and have no evidence as such. Am I missing something about below update? Hello! New version has been released. Changelog: New report system * Added encountered players in scoreboard (last 1 minute) * New report system implements demo system. This means that every players movements are recorded for 2 minutes in back (even if player leaves, the movements are still saved). While creating a report the game server creates a demo using stored movements (also other data is processed) and saves them in the report for certain time. From this moment consider using report system in game rather than web reports. Thanks in advance!!
  11. Now that heavy Cargo DLC is out, can it be supported in the next update or the update after next one? Devs took hell lot of time for supporting Schwarzmüller DLC though, had to keep that DLC disabled for months... I wonder how long will it take to support Heavy cargo DLC. Anyways, not letting You devs dictate my game play this time lol . I might not play MP mod until You support heavy cargo DLCs, coz i already bought it and cant keep it disabled for ages.
  12. Already changed nick name and made a ban appeal but no response from any admins yet.... Anyway, thanks for the info!!!
  13. Got answer. thanks!!! Will reply to feedback mail....
  14. HI All, First of all, thanks for releasing updates and making the MP version for this game. This has kept me entertained for more than two years now. I highly appreciate Your efforts!! However. I see recently that few administration powers are being misused by one particular admin. Context: I've been playing ETS2 MP version for more than 2 years now with the name "Kickass" from first day(2+ years now). I've used this nick name since I like a movie character from the movie Kickass which has done world wide release(2 movies, Kickass and Kickass 2). Recently though, one admin seems to have issue with it... Last month, mwl4 had his birthday and I had wished him using personal message in this forum. I got a warning from that admin(I do not want to name him) to change my name in forum, and since he warned, I changed my forum name... However, below is what happened today... [21:48:21] ADMIN <removing admin name>: Remember, turn on your Headlights. They must be on from 7pm-7am. Ghost Driving isn´t allowed. [21:48:52] [PM System] Message to <removing admin name>: whats ghost mode? [21:49:10] You are permanently banned from ETS2MP network! Admin: <removing admin name> [21:49:10] Reason: change your name and make a ban appeal I'm not sure why he/she had to "ban permanently" just because of my in game nick... Its my steam profile name which I'm using... Steam does not have any problem with it. As mentioned above, there has been two movies with same name as my in game nickname and these movies have released world wide... So, could You please let me know why am I banned permanently.... If that admin (I do not want to name him) had issues with my nick, he could have just pm me in game and tell me to change nick, but why ban permanently... I think this is misuse of admin powers by that admin... I've already made a ban appeal BTW(attached pic)... I've been playing with this nick name for more than 2 years... I'm not sure why it is an issue now... I'm *not* holding anything against him, just wanted more clarification regarding permanent ban... Also, thanks a lot for making this MP version. I highly appreciate it!!
  15. I wonder how many crashes are gonna happen at that race track in Arizona DLC . Thanks a lot for the update BTW You guys rock!!!
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