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  1. Feeling Grea, Starting to make official #H64 vids available!

  2. (Scarecrow)Arr, Drunken Pirate's Back at recording convoys and now will be recording other events too!!

  3. try to run it as administrator , or try to reinstall it
  4. Are you using Nvidia?, since Windows 10 ruins the driver with new update, you need to downgrade it to old version, then it should work fine, but try to reinstall drivers.
  5. Has it happened before, or its just 1st time?, altought try to run game as administrator or just try to use alt + esc because alt + tab is bugged...
  6. Server might be down for mainentace ! It should be up soon!
  7. Having same thing :=), wont be able to move on at all, well in that case im trying to put my reverse on, or just restarting the game, and everything is allright!
  8. I know bro , i love that link , i think going to upload everything there doe!
  9. tried to run it as administrator? Right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer and click "Run as Administrator"..
  10. Neither do i , but its been like 4 days already xD..
  11. Yeap, seems like its done by the update of your Nvidia Driver , If you update Windows 10 it will be updating your drivers as well , and yeah , after update downgrade it again ... but it will get annoying xD...
  12. Looks like it, if he still had that problem he would post more, but its just my opinion
  13. can you login in singleplayer? , try to login in singleplayer and move your truck then do save and log in
  14. Try to load other savegame , it says to you it crashed under it, take older savegame, then it might be allright!, But Alt+Tab is bugged , use Alt+ Esc thats what I'm using usually!
  15. Yup, thats the problem, Shortcuts are not working :/ online, tried by myself, and getting crashes as well...
  16. mhm, actually they can be uploaded to some other hosting network, where chinese people can downlaod it faster !
  17. hmm, actually i have no idea , can you show any examples, because can't understand you very clearly !
  18. Have you upgraded your multiplayer to the latest version?
  19. hmm i think you cant move it to solved?, or you can? , if you can then yeah sure !
  20. but wont be last. but its not the section to talk about it
  21. Hoping that EU 2 will be working tomorrow before race... if not then we need to wait... and change event time!
  22. EU 1 is cool as well, alot of cool people, not much trollers! but still yeah the speedlimit is on
  23. Hmm after you download the latest update from ets2mp homepage, do install older version of ets2mp?, if not try it . 1) uninstall the right now version mp that you have 3) download again latest version from homepage and try to install it right from RAR 3) install the new mp into new folder.
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