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  1. Too bad ATS isn't working correctly, It crashes a lot..
  2. Well, the ATS part of this update is incredible unstable. It crashes every 2 minutes...

  3. Hey Mate, The entire MP for ETS2 has been developed seperately from SCS Software. Therefore, The DLC's created for ETS2 are created and designed for use in the basic Single player, not Multiplayer. Also, the DLC's are not all for profit, so not all DLC's will sell very well. Say the American paint scheme DLC for ETS won't sell well to people in Sweden, the DLC was designed to target American's who play ETS2. That's simple marketing for ya! Also, Coast to Coast for ATS isn't a DLC, It's a 3rd party mod from the Base SCS Game (Just Like TMP is!).
  4. Hey everybody! I'm not part of the Mod team, just a nobody (So don't quote me on this). I believe that the Oversized Cargo Trailers DLC work in multiplayer, because the loads still use a trailer that's a part of the base game. The Problem (in my opinion), with the Shwahooza (IDK how to spell it) DLC, is that it is not part of the base game and not everyone who plays ETS2MP Has the DLC Trailers. If someone chooses to take load from the Oversized Cargo's, and then drives past another person who doesn't have the trailer pack, at least an empty trailer shows to the person without the DLC. The issue with the Shawhooza DLC, is that in order for it to work in Multiplayer, everybody would have to have it. The reason is, that if a person is hauling a DLC trailer, and passes or is being overtaken by someone who doesn't have the DLC, the guy without the DLC won't see a trailer there. However, according to the Server, there is a trailer, and If you can't see the trailer, then the Hackusations will be flying everywhere. Yes, the TruckersMP team could make it so that a standard trailer takes the place of the DLC trailer for those people w/ out the DLC, but the dimensions (what is solid) of the stock trailer and physics of the stock trailers are different than DLC. Thus, causing confusion and Synchronization Issues between players and the server. This just my theory of why the DLC isn't allowed at this moment And Yes, I agree that It should Be part of MP, but it was never stated by SCS, that It would be available for MP, nor Did Truckers MP. Your Loss (and Mine) if it never makes it into MP.
  5. I too, am having this problem. I have Windows XP (out dated, I know) and Ubuntu 14.04. Both are on different Hard Drives. I did everything that you guys said to do, and No such luck. If anyone can help that would make me really happy. Thanks!
  6. Every time I play in multiplayer after a few driving loads, it begins to rain. This rain is uncontrollable in the game settings and never stops. Also, with the snow mod enabled, the precipitation is on the form of rain, and without the snow mod enabled, the Precipitation is in the form of Snow. ???? ( what is logic?? ) Could anyone help me out, because it is really annoying.
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