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  1. I found the Problem, it was any Plugin at TeamSpeak 3, while i ran TeamSpeak i couldnt start ETS2MP, when i closed TS3, ETS2MP started instantly !! So for those who maybe has the same Problem, try out to close TeamSpeak 3 first and run it again when ETS2MP already is opened !! Thx for the help anyways Greez dannyraged #solved
  2. Hello Guys, Since a few days my ETS2MP doenst work, its the same problem like in this Theard, execaly like this. But i installed Service Pack 1 already and it doesnt work, SinglePlayer works fine but everytime i start ETS2, my graphics settings got resetet, sometimes ETS2MP works but sometimes not and everytime whether i start ETS2MP or Singleplayer it always resets my graphic settings.. I dont installed no mod or anything !! Windows 7 64bit Please help me !! Greez dannyraged
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