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  1. I think all of the restricted zone hould be removed. I can see it happen in real xD "If you continue driving in this direction you'll be dead" in your boardcomputer...
  2. Good night felow truckers

  3. Goodmorning without sunshine :D

    1. [SK] - TeR*Xiao Zhu

      [SK] - TeR*Xiao Zhu

      My side is also.The weather is getting cold!:(

    2. Rubber Duck NL

      Rubber Duck NL

      Yep winter incoming :(

  4. Do you think they would do this? driving like this is a little annoying.
  5. It really sucks near some places on the map. Driving 60km/h on the highway near a city. Is there something to solve this?
  6. Can it be possible that you can only drive the extreme loads with an 8x4 chassis? And if you do not use 8x4 chassis that you're being kicked?
  7. I want to know where I can find what admin banned me form the server! Because I wasn't online, and it is about a joke in the chat... Where can I see that, because again, when my ban started I WASN'T ONLINE!
  8. I think it's better for you to join the freeroam server
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