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  1. @Baratako And @Mirrland thank you for searching this with me, It helps me a lot with it, But not all of my songs are working fully, So I guess I've to find out a another way to let them work perfectly
  2. So basically I wanted to place my music inside of my game is there a way to do this if yes how, And which format is the game using it to play the music from it, Regards Rowdy12
  3. @Frosty. Its working thank you, You may close the topic if you want
  4. Dear community I have bought 3 hours ago American Truck Simulator and I've also updated my multiplayer for it, But I'm getting this message everytime https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198119298561/screenshots/ But I have already done this part So I don't understand why I'm still getting this messages
  5. yes its working now i've deleted everything from my %temp% folder and I've disable my firewall which is totally weird because so far as i know is that euro truck isn't a virus, So I guess windows 10 as to fix some issue's with they operating system
  6. @Mercedes-Benz <3 yes I did everything that I saw here I've turned off my firewall and also cleaned up my %temp% folder and its working now, So I guess windows 10 haves to fix they firewall as well as the entire operating system, which is weird because I didn't have this problem yesterday
  7. Dear Community of Truckers mp I'm getting this error every I have pressed the button launch ETS2 Dunno why but yesterday it was working perfectly and now I'm getting this error, I have tried to uninstall my game and the multiplayer as well and rebooted my whole pc, And nothing is working, Could you guys maybe telling me whats wrong with it, link towards the screenshot because I couldn't upload the screenshot at there : Best gerards Rowdy
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