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  1. 2 minutes ago, Digital said:


    Apologies for this. We are looking into restructuring how the event is organised for the future to ensure all players have an opportunity to participate.

    another thing i did notice afterwards was how long after everyone was ready the names were released instead of all in one go being drawn we had to wait for name picks then everyone to line up replacements if neccesary then the race then that process repeated constantly seemed to time consuming and taxing on everyone wondering if you have been or will be picked it was exhausting it  would be nice to see the current structure change and it be more community friendly and genuinely a fun experience

  2. 2 hours ago, Glada_Laxen said:


    The event itself was not bad, it was just that a lot, A LOT, of players recieved absolutely nothing from the event. In the future it would be a lot nicer to have some sort of back-up plan or anything to reward these players with. Otherwise all they do get is their time wasted. 

    i have to agree with this i was streaming it to twitch  at the time and even i know it was the worst stream i had ever done to that date it was hour upon hour of me sitting there while 48 lucky attendees got to race while sitting there with a very bored audience that actually wandered off to watch other ets streams because i was sat there with my finger in my *** (metaphorically) with nothing to do but st and wait

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  3. 3 hours ago, Twilight_Sparkle said:


    @IPEEKATCHU are they really just going to give you a prize for turning up. I raced and only got to the quarter finals so I probably wont get anything for it either. But I'm not angry about it.



    im not angry about it but its extremly silly that me and all the other dads gave up our fathers day evening to join in on a event which was poorly organised and as far as i could see friends of admins and such most of the names i saw usually hang in admins stream or i have seen them rolling around on mp with admins thats my point and its not hard to spend 30 40 minutes in photoshop creating a 2019 race attendee badge to give those who attended whould have been better than hey thanks for coming but we only have the $100 gift card for one person when photoshop and time costs nothing.................. fuck me if i had known that all the people but one where getting nothing i would have created a attendee badge and participant badges for the tmp team to put on profiles



  4. 2 hours ago, Twilight_Sparkle said:

    This was a lovely event, I really enjoyed it @Digital. There was nothing wrong with the random selection, I got lucky I was picked to race. Yes it would have been a bummer if I didnt get to race but I wouldn't be crying like you guys are. 


    Just cause you weren't picked, doesn't mean you have to be toxic about the event. There is always next time.

    NEXT TIME where we all waste another 2 3 hours lol 

  5. On 6/16/2019 at 6:56 PM, Glada_Laxen said:

    This event was sadly very poorly designed for those players that never got to participate. Only about 15% - 20% got to enjoy the event to the fullest, while the 80% - 85% only had their time wasted. 


    In the future, I would like to see events being designed to include as many people as possible. There must've been a time while designing that event where it came up that only a very few selected would be able to participate in the event. 


    I understand that there may not be that many types of event that you can do on Euro Truck Simulator 2, but simple thing such as giving every player a profile badge is enough to satisfy most players. Just for something unique and limited they can display on their profile. There are probably other ways to reward players, perhaps even designing an in-game item that is only available for certain players. Perhaps that would be a bit too complicated, but it's just an idea. 


    Excluding players is rather disrespectful towards the community. And if these types of events are to be repeated, then it would be literal bullying. 


    Definition of bullying is when an individual or a group of people with more power, repeatedly cause hurt or harm to another person or group of people who have barely any say at all. 

    like i stated dude after 3 hours of waiting we didnt even get a s**tty consolation prize unique in game paint job anything is better than nothing and has anyone noticed no staff has adressed any of this yet......

  6. i would like to see a bigger choice of trucks maybe more brands perhaps and definitely more prettier renaults i like the ones we have now are ok but even i have to admit they look fugly i think more trucks being added would freshen up the game and maybe it could attract more people to the game 

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