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  1. .... i dont see how when the event team already admitted to this being a massive clusterfuck ..........
  2. i dont know if you noticed BUT IM NOT THE ONLY ONE SO YEAH stfu jumping in and read the full post and previous race post before you think you know it all and jump in on one person
  3. another thing i did notice afterwards was how long after everyone was ready the names were released instead of all in one go being drawn we had to wait for name picks then everyone to line up replacements if neccesary then the race then that process repeated constantly seemed to time consuming and taxing on everyone wondering if you have been or will be picked it was exhausting it would be nice to see the current structure change and it be more community friendly and genuinely a fun experience
  4. i have to agree with this i was streaming it to twitch at the time and even i know it was the worst stream i had ever done to that date it was hour upon hour of me sitting there while 48 lucky attendees got to race while sitting there with a very bored audience that actually wandered off to watch other ets streams because i was sat there with my finger in my *** (metaphorically) with nothing to do but st and wait
  5. happy birthday dude thanks for all the hard work and i know your working on the update today instead of celebrating your birthday thansk a lot dude and try to enjoy some of your birthday you the man :)

  6. i would like to see a bigger choice of trucks maybe more brands perhaps and definitely more prettier renaults i like the ones we have now are ok but even i have to admit they look fugly i think more trucks being added would freshen up the game and maybe it could attract more people to the game
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