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  1. Donii.'s post in What are the activity requirements for a VTC was marked as the answer   
    Hi there, 
    After reading the above, I thought I would answer as much as I can to get you on your way to creating your VTC! If I have not answered your questions appropriately, I recommend referring to the VTC rules which can be found HERE.
    This is not a requirement and is purely upto the management of the VTC to make the decision as to whether or not recruitment is something you wish to pursue. There are no rules regarding inactivity of a VTC and it being removed so as this is not mentioned it is assumed that the creator of the VTC manages their VTC page appropriately by closing recruitment if there is going to be some inactivity as well as deleting the VTC from the TMP system if the VTC is being disbanded. As long as the VTC is following all rules listed HERE you should have nothing to worry about. To create a VTC there is no minimum/maximum amount of members needed to be apart of it. By this I mean you can have a VTC with 2 people or 200 people, it purely depends on what the VTC is for. VTC's are often created for friends to be noticed together when driving. There is no requirement to have a social media account(s) and/or a website for the VTC to be created on TMP website. The management team within VTC's often make the decision to create a website and/or social media account(s) to showcase their media, events and it is often used as a tool for advertisement. By having social media account(s) and/or a website for the VTC it helps to show the professionalism that has been put into the creation of the VTC. Hopefully I have answered all your questions and enjoy the excitement of a new VTC! Happy driving! ?
  2. Donii.'s post in Admins Help with my ban was marked as the answer   
    To open a support ticket, navigate to https://truckersmp.com/support
  3. Donii.'s post in Questions on creating VTC was marked as the answer   
    To begin with I shall start by saying that creating a VTC requires quite a bit of time and commitment so if you haven't got that I'd recommend joining a VTC. Due to you having no knowledge of coding it's going to be difficult for you to create your own tracker website however there are still a lot of companies that use external trackers.
    Some really useful trackers are:
    TrucksBook VTLog ETS2 Job Logger (https://ets2joblogger.org/) I highly recommend on reading this post https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/46377-creating-custom-jobs-virtual-speditor/ to find out about "Virtual Speditor" which gives you the opportunity of creating your own custom jobs. You and your friends can use this program to have the same cargos to the same destinations which is fantastic for convoying.
    There is also a useful map which gives you the ability to specifically track individuals currently online. This will show their location and which server they're using.
    In terms of creating a logo if you have no knowledge in this, I would head down to the "Media" subforum and take a look at peoples work then contact them
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