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  1. Kerstens Modding's post in Why i can't use this mod? was marked as the answer   
    TruckersMP disables all of the installed mods. Some mods however still work in multiplayer because the path of the modded part still exists. the only type of mods witch work in multiplayer are mods where no parts are ADDED to the game. so if you want beacons on the grill, a mod allows you to put them there, but those are still the Original beacons from the game. So no parts where added. Your mod expands the cabin accessories DLC. so when those parts dissapear because the mod is being dissabled by TruckersMP, the path doesn't exist anymore. i hope you understand it. if not, here is a list with working MP mods:  https://ets2.lt/en/?s=+MULTIPLAYER
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