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  1. ICGLogistics_Convoglio_Completo.png

    CONVOGLIO DOMENICALE 19/08/2018 ore 21:30







    1. TNT-LOG Raphael 001

      TNT-LOG Raphael 001

      Nice photo, my friend!



    2. [23]ThunderSky
  2. ahah, this was too funny xDqht19uA.png

    1. stilldre1976


      gotta remember there doing it In there own time not paid,people have lifes off the game too :)

    2. [23]ThunderSky


      I can understand they receive many reports and doesn't get paid but.. please.. I did reported 40 players (different days/weeks) atleast, and I always got "report timeout" .

      So.. please..


  3.  . ҉ ICGLogistics ITA - Italian Clan Gamers
    Ti vogliamo nel nostro Team!


  4.  . ҉ ICGLogistics ITA
    Se guidi bene, ti vogliamo nel nostro Team!


  5. [Promods] Se vuoi partecipare al convoglio di Lunedì 18/11/2019: https://ets2c.com/view/83778/23thundersky-budapest-nbfc

  6. :lol: Seriusly, what's the point of in-duty admins if they doesn't watch reports? Seems like "Oh watch i'm an admin" ahaha.

    At least exit from duty no? .. 

  7. A mysterious force made him jump..


  8. A sad story of a trucker:


  9. All servers are derby demolition servers? ahah.

  10. Another driver crashed into me, yee!!
    I think I should start playing single player. At least, them doesn't crash into you, at least they doesn't use speed hacks for trolling you.. 

    I would like to see another Multiplayer so maybe admins will start ban idiots to keep players on theyr mod..

  11. Another Funny Moments :D


  12. Another Roleplay on TruckersMP :D 


  13. Another Slow Motion Crashes has arrived! :D


  14. Any chance for the update today or tomorrow?

    1. Anriandor


      You know, it is not always easy. The servers cost money but everything is provided for free... So it's hard these days for the developers...

      I mean, there is no way to speed up the process, however, your support will certainly help the developers:





      Meanwhile, please remain patient ;)

    2. Trucking Gekco
  15. Are servers down because of winter mod? aahhahah

  16. At least you should have put some pumpkin around the map. Only the night time is just boring and useless. And.. you know, Halloween is on 31 not today, not yesterday.. omg.

     Do you celebrate xMas 20 days before?

  17. Best admin ever.. blocking at the service station while tuning my truck.. yeah.. yeah.. you are right..



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