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  1. Hi all, I used to use ShadowPlay to record ETS2 on TruckersMP while driving.. I used the "music player" function to listen to music.. Whenever I went to drive, the quality suddenly decreased, and if I went back to the menu and waited for 5-10 seconds, the quality got much better.. I initially fixed the issue by switching to Medal, which solved it for 4-5 days.. Now today, this has happened yet again, using medal.. Note this time I am not recording like ShadowPlay, just using the clipping feature.. Here is a link of my current experience: https://medal.tv/games/euro-truck-sim-2/clips/i30rgEdvAyUtcwKyV/d1337LKg3XCi?invite=cr-MSw4RVgsMjI5ODgyMjExLA The quality is not distuingishable in the video, but there are 2 times when the quality changed: When I went to the menu, clicked media, and then radio, you can hear a faint gap in music, after which the quality of music got much better. After I quick travelled to Calais, you can hear a more noticable gap in music, after which the quality of music got worse. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am planning to start uploading TMP videos on YouTube, and the sound quality is really bad during recording.. Also note: the recorded version of the sound is the worse version, I can hear better and more immersive music when in the menu..
  2. Also, just wanted to let you know, the "automatic reconnect" doesn't work for me in most cases.. One time, just to experiment, that happened with me at around 8:00 PM.. I left my Wi-Fi and computer running overnight, and the next day at 11:00 AM, I still wasn't reconnected.. I checked chat logs and turns out I hadn't even reconnected once, and there weren't any other kick messsages (For ex afk).. Long story short, the automatic reconnect won't work, so just exit to launchpad and reconnect again.
  3. Hello all, Thank you for all your methods.. I have tried the following which also didn't work: Turning off the antivirus Deleting and reinstalling TruckersMP Deleting filecache.dat and restarting TruckersMP Tried everything in the thread Teddy linked.. So far, nothing seems to work, except the temporary (probably) patch I managed to fix, which is to spam click the launch button when it is verifying 129/130.. The game launches but the updates still fail, and the launch button is greyed out.
  4. Hey all, I have managed to launch the game using some method or the other.. Even though the launcher says to download updates and the same error, I tried something else. As you see, the PLAY button is greyed out, but I was clicking it really fast, and as soon as it went from 129/130 to the error, the game launched and said "Please wait before launching agian". I am now in the game, and it is working, but the launcher play button is still greyed out, and it still tells me to download updates.. So I guess I can do this temporarily.. Another thing to note that while I was doing this I was on US VPN cause I was trying other things but I dont think that matters.. Hope this helps yall!
  5. Hi all, Its been around 2 weeks since I last played TMP. Today, when I tried to launch TMP, it said that a update is required.. However, after I update, it goes to downloading files 129/130, and then it fails with the following reason: With some advice from some other forum posts, I have tried the following: Verified that the install location in the TMP app and steam are the same. One said to check in regedit in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TruckersMP" for the install location, but that key does not exist for me. Tried with my normal internet, and also VPN. Tried restarting my PC. Checked file integrity using steam. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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