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  1. Hello forum, As $ubject says. I have Promods Canada loaded in my profile but when I connect to tmp, it will refuse to load the mods; FWIW here is the list of files in the mod/ directory: raloh@nethreen /cygdrive/c/Users/raloh/Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod $ ls promods-ats-assets-v125a.scs promods-ats-map-v125a.scs promods-ats-def-v125a.scs promods-ats-models-v125a.scs Is it a problem of file names?
  2. Hello, I should have checked that before posting, but anyway -- @Granite [SVK] is right. If I go to the gallery, I do see those trucks, so in fact this is a non issue. So yes, issue solved Happy new year!
  3. Hello forum, For some reason, the ATS version of TruckersMP only registers very few truck DLCs provided by the game, namely (in alphabetical order): * Freightliner Cascadia, * Mack Anthem, * International 9900i, * International LT, * Volvo VNL, * Western Star 49X, * Western Star 57X, * Western Star 5700XE. Which means all the following are left out (alphabetical order again): * International Lonestar, * Kenworth T680, * Kenworth W900, * Peterbilt 389 , * Peterbilt 579, * Volvo VNL 2014. Thinking about a possible problem, I've tried and made truckersmp check my DLCs again -- twice. But no cigar. A "fellow trucker" of mine also saw that (in fact, he was the one who told this to me), so at a first glance it does not seem to be a problem on our end. Have those trucks been "forgotten" by the TruckersMP team?
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