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  1. Sorry for missing that, that's great to hear though!!! Thank you.
  2. Glad you think so, it would be so helpful, probably most paid attention to data in ATS is usually DISTANCE / WEIGHT ...
  3. Hi guys, Not sure how challenging it would be to implement this but it would be very helpful if during TMP Self Dispatch, you could not only see Distance but also Weight of the Cargo you selected, so you'd know how much that cargo weighs before you actually accept the cargo. Sometimes I want to do a load but I don't have much time to do it, so I try to pick up light cargo in order to maintain good pace throughout the trip, unfortunately currently I don't know what weight my selected cargo is until I click Generate JOB. At that point if you're not happy with the weight, you have to CANCEL the job. Is this something that could be addressed in future updates? Thank you. I am attaching a Screenshot with potential placement of the cargo weight data on Dispatch...
  4. Thank you, I think it would be very helpful. See you on the roads if you play ATS
  5. Hey guys, I was wondering... When I use TMP Dispatch, I can select Start Point, Destination, Cargo Type etc... It shows me the Total Distance of the selected route, but it doesn't show Cargo Weight... Or does it? I can't see it. Is there a way to know what your potential cargo weight is before I actually accept the job? Thanks
  6. Just wanted to send a shout out firstly to TruckersMP Development Team, I know that as with anything else in life, when things don't go well, there is no shortage of people pointing it out and complaining, but we don't get tap on the back or credit for when things are done right because that's what's expected. I am reasonably new to ATS and TMP but I have been really enjoying both the game and TMP platform, so I just want to say thanks to all at TruckersMP for everything you do to make this possible. And last but not last, I want to give a shout out to all you ATS TMP drivers, we don't have a massive community like ETS does but we have a solid community, in roughly 6 weeks I have been playing the game now, I have not experienced anything that I would consider detrimental to the gameplay experience from anyone, ATS community may be small, but where we lack in numbers, we gain in quality. Thank you all for making it a fun experience. All that said, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone safe and Merry Christmas and happy new year 2024!!! (See you all on the ATS Highways!
  7. Don't worry about it bud, it will be out soon enough. I don't play ETS2 and I don't intend to as it is an absolute cluster mess, watched a Live Stream the other day and it was a mess, they should make multiple servers capped at 500 or 1000 instead 4000. Anyway, be patient, it will be out soon enough and we'll be roaming the American open highways again. Cheers!
  8. No problem, I am not frustrated or anything like that, I realize TMP is 3rd party app and Devs do a lot of work voluntarily for what I feel very grateful, so I realize it will take time and that's totally fine obviously, I was just curious because I am new to the game, only got it on Halloween. So I am just trying to get familiar with the process and timeline as this is first update since I play the game. Cheers guys!!! All the best to you Sim truckers out there and the entire TMP team for what you do, looking forward to playing TMP again whenever that may be.
  9. Hi guys, So ATS rolled out their official 1.49v release today, I am just curious roughly when TMP will be compatible with that version of the game. Thanks...
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