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  1. thanks guys. I wish the lighting was better. ahah
  2. yeah I know but the suggestion is to have the option to replace the vanilla ones because they are way to big and theyre not even in the corner. I mean they are but they a little off. It takes to much screen space imo
  3. So I have this nice mod on ATS that puts the virtual side mirrors on the top left/right corner of the screens and theyre also smaller. It replace the big and off corner vanilla side mirrors. Wonder if we could have this anytime soon for TruckersMP servers ? Maybe as an option in the settings or a mod just like the weather one ! what do you guys think?
  4. Thanks for your response. 1.No, my graphics settings is at the top. everything is high/ultra 2. perfect ill check it out thank you !
  5. Hi to you all, im happy to now be part of the TruckersMP community ! its super fun accounting real player instead of AIs lol. So I have a couple of questions. -First of all: since we can face real driver , I barely see turning signals (blinkers) during the day. So it hard to guest if the other driver is turning or not (beside his behavior). Is there anything I can do to help me see better blinkers of others ? -finally: I think, if im not crazy, I saw that TruckersMP servers can support a weather mod? like with winter, spring etc. Which one is it and how does it work? Do I need to change de season myself ? A bit of help is appreciated ! Thats it, thanks a lot in advanced and goodnight/day.
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