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  1. kax2n12

    false bann

    i needed help and writed here but i can see some one is friend the admin " jeffSHC "..admin made a mistake and i report him vodka too.tnks lemmones for help.adn the moderator dont be panic about my msgs.i play that game about 2 year and my age 33.so i know how i can talk and what can i do ?oke? that game is not ur father or urs.that game and that mod for everybody.no one use that badly and for him or herself.
  2. i did very much thanks
  3. thank you how can i contact with him?
  4. pls help me.admin make a mistake and he didnt try understand me.How can i report that admin pls?
  5. kax2n12

    false bann

    i wanna report that admin.help me pls
  6. kax2n12

    false bann

    1. Server: EU1 2. Date: 13/6-2015 3. Time: 00:49:57 4. Place: Between Olsztyn and Gdansk 5. Perpetrator: KaaNylmz 6. Steam URL or Steamid64: 76561198141647537 7. Description: Overtook him when he was parked in the middle of the road, he started catching up to me and a buddy and tried to overtake without bothering to look for oncoming traffic. Screenshot showing him trying to blame the other drivers. i never banned before.Today german truck try pass me from my right and i must hit bec he is driving too fast and try pass me from my right not left.Then i am banned.Why??? i wanna drive my game now pls unbanned me and i want them bann too ..i wanna play my game now who will help me?
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