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  1. My pc is well above the requirements its just my hard drive that im using at the moment thats giving me problems I will upgrade to a ssd soon also about the internet i cant do anything about that at the moment i have the fastest internet my country has to offer so yea My processor gpu etc are way above the req and i have a very smooth experience as i said above as well its just my hdd which i will upgrade soon.
  2. Abuse? Such as? Sir/Madam The problems of accidents that's on (you) if (you) decide to do something stupid such as park in the middle of the road / ring road/ motorway / highway that would be (YOUR) carelessness so just park on the side if you want to reconnect at the first place? The main reason I am asking this is because my hardware is very basic and it takes eternity to just unload the whole game and load it again and my internet does it rarely but its still VERY annoying. That's why this is a suggestion. For people with bad internets and basic hardware
  3. Suggestion : Make a reconnect command or button for people with poor internet who get kicked out. Because sometimes my ping likes to go high so that's why also many other people have this problem as well. You guys have the disconnect button but not reconnect one. :/
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