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  1. I'm only talking about the "VTC.World" project from the developer Alex KERNEL. The guys implemented an excellent addition to TMP with a penalty, tax, rating systems, but did not take into account the fact that the TMP community specializes in NFS-style driving and Project Kolkhoz design and the main element of the cargo transportation simulator - interaction with road users - was left without attention . If this project worked in a single game mode with AI traffic, then I would delete my TMP account with peace of mind. As for the children's audience... I did not mean a specific age of people, but their behavior and ways of self-expression, which are inherent in children rather than adults. If I close my eyes to the CD road zone, then there is a chance to meet players who behave relatively adequately: they drive with an excess of about 10 km/h relative to the speed limit on a given section of the road (because if you move, for example, 80 km/h on ABSOLUTELY DESERTED road for several hours, you can just fall asleep at the wheel), are within their lane, switch from high beam to low beam at an oncoming intersection, use turn signals, brake smoothly, do not ignore traffic lights and priority signs, and so on. But at the same time, they use some unrealistic Scania 730 HP with an 8x4 chassis, 50 flashing lights and 100 additional bulbs as a tractor, pulling 3 acid-green trailers behind them. It's funny :D. I see real people, their fussy behavior and self-expression, and I have an irresistible desire to press ALT + F4 and switch to single player mode with adequate AI traffic that behaves and looks as close to the real world as possible. To meet people in TMP who drive, for example, some classic white MAN TGX 4x2 440 HP with an XLX cab with a gray Krone curtainsider semi-trailer and wholeheartedly appreciate the RP in this game, follow the traffic rules (in addition to the TMP rules) - this is an exception to rules.
  2. VTC.World does not work in single player mode from SCS. This project only works in TruckersMP. I would gladly forget about TMP if VTC.World worked in single player mode or SCS's "Convoy" mode. The developers of VTC.W blame the developers of TMP for not providing the ability to create separate lobbies with AI traffic. For this reason, I turned to the TMP forum with my proposal.
  3. I play TruckersMP only because of VTC.World. I sincerely despise the local inhabitants of flora and fauna of childhood in the area of the Calais-Duisburg road and do not respect their racing and unpredictable driving style, and I also hate their ways of expressing themselves and their truck assembly, which has nothing to do with reality: chassis only 8x4, maximum engine power, maximum number of chrome elements, acid colors, flashing lights, driving with high beams 24/7, maximum number of trailers and semi-trailers in a hitch, and so on... The open world outside of "CD Truck Simulator" is dead and boring, but VTC.World's career, ranking, and penalty systems are excellent and, unfortunately, don't work in solo mode. I really hope that I live to see AI traffic in TMP just because I play the VTC.World project.
  4. I suggest adding a single player game mode to TruckersMP or the ability to create a lobby. The main condition is that in the first and second cases, AI traffic will be present on the map. The lobbies are the same as in the official "Convoy" mode from SCS. Screenshots in my opinion are not needed to describe this proposal. Why should it be added? Developers from VTC.World emphasize that their project is an exclusive collaboration with TruckersMP. As I understand it, such a relationship is beneficial to both parties. Let's omit the fact that the vast majority of TruckersMP users do not treat ETS 2 as a simulator, both in terms of driving style and from an aesthetic point of view... VTC.World attracts with the complexity of the economy, penalty, rating and tax systems, protection from profile hacking (saves are in the cloud storage). Thus, in addition to the basic TruckersMP "for everyone" game mode, we have a separate add-on for those who want to play a real simulator. When using VTC.World, the presence of live unfamiliar players in random places on the map fades into the background in some way. It's no secret that the open world outside the Calais - Duisburg road is dead. AI traffic on public servers is very difficult to implement. Therefore, compromise options remain for using VTC.World with a live open world with AI traffic. The first option is to implement in TruckersMP the ability to create a lobby for several people, as in the "Convoy" mode from SCS. In other words, "activate" the "Convoy" mode in TruckersMP. The second option is to add a solo game mode to TruckersMP, as a closed lobby for one person. I hope my suggestion will be of interest to TruckersMP players who use VTC.World features but suffer from a dead open world.
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