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  1. Flamster44441

    Trailer bug?

    Hi guys i don't know if this is a bug or glitch but when i pick a job with a trailer of concrete beams (heavy cargo), why dose it only show it as a empty flat bed trailer ?. I have the heavy cargo mods installed and the rest of the other heavy cargo's work fine but why not this one?
  2. Flamster44441

    TruckersMP Launcher has stopped working

    Thx guys just installed NET.Framework and it seems to have worked : )
  3. Flamster44441

    TruckersMP Launcher has stopped working

    Help i've unistalled and reinstalled it and it still keeps saying this.
  4. Flamster44441

    Truckers mp installer problem

    Hi ummm not sure if its just me but when I launch truckers mp and click available updates it just keeps going back to the same download over and over again is my truckers mp broke???
  5. Flamster44441

    Car Custom problem

    Hi got a problem why is it when I try to add beacons to my car it crashes every single time fatal error??? it works fine on euro truck like so whats the problem like? I've reinstalled the mp 2 times and no difference.