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  1. That long is the expected to wait because of festive season, but normally, not exactly. I had to wait 3 weeks and my report got accepted anyway
  2. i guess the 7 day cap is exempt when the report has not been claimed cause its been 2 weeks and it got accepted
  3. i have reported a player for reckless driving 6 days ago and the report still hasnt been claimed
  4. Suggestion name: Belgium-France border fuel station rework Suggestion description: i believe the fuel station should be reworked Any example images: https://postimg.cc/7fxwSjh1 (click the link as it will take you to the screenshot) Why it should be added: each time i drive in the Calais-Duisburg road and I go through the Belgium France border there is a what seems to be a traffic jam. when someone needs to continue driving they would have to wait like 3 minutes before merging after the traffic has passed.
  5. what if i win on 1st, 2nd or 3rd place and have all map dlc?
  6. i have seen someone in calais drive a truck with a double trailer and fuel tank trailer together when i was going to the lkw company.
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