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  1. Does the server speedlimiter actually influence in any way ? or it's just a speed recommendation ? I have tried to see on the arcade server which has no such emote and i can speed with no problem. Is it the same for you (you can't drive faster than 90kmh on normal server)?
  2. I have already done both of these things before posting and when i check in gameplay settings no matter if "enable speed limiter is on or off, still no change, i wasn't doing external contracts so is there a current speed limit imposed on the server or i am completely stupid ?
  3. I started playing recently after years and i wanted to disable my speed limit on TruckersMP , i tried from game menu, it didn't work, i tried from tab menu to disable it and it didn't work either. I have tried to search some tutorials on yt to look for "last_session_config.sii" turns out somehow that document is nowhere to be found. How can i disable my speed limiter?
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