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  1. Like I said in first post, I know how to reset the economy. Only that for some reason that no longer works. The job offers remain at a huge expire time.
  2. I think you mean the delivery time. Yeah, that's always OK. Thing is, I'm afraid for the types of jobs I'll get. Right now I have ADR 4 and I see no ADR 4 jobs. If the economy reset doesn't reset the jobs, then I'll be stuck without the higher-paying ones.
  3. Hi ETS2MP forum. I'm having the huge job expire issue for the nth time, and now it's gotten really annoying because I can't fix. g_force_economy_reset doesn't work Sleep doesn't work Quick travel to garage doesn't work F7->Enter doesn't work Is there any other solution out there I haven't tried? I found nothing reading the forum. Please help, any advice will be welcome!
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