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  1. Well take care of yourself, have a nice ride. Friends, I got the necessary answers and I understood why 110 was decided. Thanks. Continue with 110.
  2. Brother, calm down. I didn't say I wanted to go with 170. Why did I say 110 and not 120? You said for me, "if you want to compete, go to another server or play offline," and I'm saying the same for you. No one has to come after you with 90.
  3. What is the reason for this? I mean the reason why it's 110, I'm a careful driver and I've been driving for a long time. But I don't want to be limited to 110 and the other servers don't appeal to me. If you say what is the difference between 110 and 120, it feels faster. Since I do a lot of long-distance driving, 110 gets boring after a while. I mean, what was the reason for the management's decision at 110? Did I miss something?
  4. Hello, for the first time, I will create a topic in the forum, I hope I opened it in the wrong category. ? I'm just here to give advice I wanted to say a shortcoming that caught my eye. The fact that the interior of the event vehicles is different is a big deficiency in my opinion. The Dacia that everyone uses right now looks very realistic from the outside. But once you get inside, the feeling drops. So is it possible to update it on the inside? I will say it again, legendary car (By the way, when viewed from the outside with its 0 camera, it looks like a Dacia interior.)
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