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  1. Hi I've reported 4 people on tmp from my free cam will I be able to do that again or will they be declined. Kind Regards RenaultMagnum10
  2. Hi in the rules §1.4 - Reporting user's reports with continuous freecam are not allowed. why is this not allowed I don't see anything wrong with freecam? Kind Regards RenaultMagnum10
  3. Hi, I was just on tmp and was overtaken by a car no big deal then he drops the speed from 68mph to 40mph to let some guy behind me overtake me and the car then the car speeds back up to 68mph until someone is behind me and does the same thing again it was annoying. I was just wondering should I report him for it because I couldn't overtake him because I had a long trailer and didn't want to risk it? Kind Regards RenaultMagnum10
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