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  1. i tried that last night and installed it all over again, it did not solve the problem but instead now it's crashing without the fatal error this time when i go into truck configuration.
  2. hello everyon, i found a second way to fix that bug for those struggle so far with fixing it even after following up with the available solutions. first of all try to go to the game files located in your game directory find and delete the bin file, after that go to steam and use verify game files and it should download it along the verification, i tried this after a lot of many fail tries in the last 4 days and it worked to stop the fatal crash while driving the truck,if the solution you looking for is not the game crashing while driving don't try it but you can take a chance and try your luck, i found this suggestion in a comment randomly and idk where is it anymore i was looking for it for few hours and i lost it completely. if that doesn't work try to press f1 on your truckers mp launcher and click on install available updates it should fix any missing files or corrupted ones as i had to do that right after fixing my game keep that after you try the verification. there is something else tho try while entering to the game to check if going to configer truck or trailler in ets 2 cause the game to fatal error as well after you finish that, for me i haven't find a way to fix it so hope if someone know how to let us know in a comment below, because these two are not related to each other it will keep happening even if you fix that crash while in game, for some reason i feel like the game files is the issue to this crash and not the launcher, so all we can do is keep trying to find a solution and submit it for the rest of players. hope this helped...
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