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  1. Hello, I am a little bit frustrated right now, not to say a bit angry as to why your program goes so deep into the system to change configurations by its own. As I have configured my microphone with Equalizer APO and its VST settings (reagate and reacomp), I started noticing (now that I played TMP more often) that those plugins get disabled. And I was wondering why, as that normally does only happen after bigger windows updates. So, as I was originally looking to find a reason why "X" button for CB does not work any longer for me ingame, or sometimes does, sometimes not (after using discord next to it) - I noticed that each time I start TMP, the microphone extensions get disabled on windows system base. Since I am a streamer and set up my mic to have specific settings for ALL voice programs (not only within the streaming tools), I wonder why your program behaves like that and if it is intended? Well, at least for the time being I don't care about the CB key not working, since I have to reactivate my plugins again after each start and then the ingame sound test settings won't recognize it anyway until I press it a few times and your program disables the plugins again. Cheers, Mel
  2. Interesting stuff, thanks for the detailed tutorial. Has anyone ever managed to make it completely work with the russian licence plate? The background does never cover it fully (I already tried width 500 and height 100 just to see if anything changes), instead left remains a white space where EU countries would have their EU country blue. And top and bottom also will not get covered fully, so white stripes stay. I tried to align the img itself with align=left but it does nothing. The russian lp has different stuff anyway originally: license_plate: "<font xscale=0.8 yscale=0.8><align right=96>A123BC</align><ret><align left=104><sup>60</sup></align></font>|russia" So it would be interesting to mix all this stuff. I have also no idea what <ret> does actually do. Also the white section in the left stays even if you use russia/police_rear.mat, sadly. For now I just made it invisible, so I have no lp at all. E: You can also edit your driver name plate that way.
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