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  1. Okay thank you for your information. This was the anwser i was looking for.
  2. I got the krone DLC so if it works only on the krone trailer thats cool for me. But is there really not another way to get this paintjob aplied to your trailer. There must me one way to do so. I see more and more people driving with them. No i did not get the anwser i was looking for
  3. hello everyone, I saw people driving with trailers that had separatly painted sideskirts and bumbers. So i was wondering if there was a mod for that or is it already in the standard game? And if it is in the standard game which paintjob do you need for that? I put pictures off some players that painted their trailer sideskirts and bumpers separatly.
  4. Okay i get it. Thank you for the information. This was the anwser i was looking for.
  5. Hello everyone, Does someone know how you get in game company liveries on your own trailer? I see people driving with there own trailer with in game company liveries. And i did wonder if there is a mod for that?
  6. Wow i did not know that. thank you for the information.
  7. hey everyone, I had a discussion with a player about the triple tailer. he was teling me that 3 fullsize trailers are allowed in TMP. (3 Krone Profi Liners for an example) But i read the rules about triples but there is nothing about "triple Fullsize trailers". It only tells that if you can NOT handel the trailer that YOU are responsible for the consequenses. Does some one know if they are allowed?
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