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  1. It may be due to the lack of files after the update. It is recommended that you completely delete the plug-in and download the plug-in again on the official website. The game root directory must be set correctly.


  2. TMP在线游戏的状态下不同的区域都会按照限速来设置限速,这个限速器就类比单机模式下的卡车限速器,但是单机状态下是90km/h,线上游戏到了不同的区域加油门是不能超过区域限速,但下坡状态滑行会超速是正常的,怕超速可以定个巡航。另外单机状态下是可以开启和关闭卡车限速器,而TMP线上是不行的,希望我的回答能帮上你。

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