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  1. For map I use Promods, about graphic use JBX and PNG you can find info video at YouTube.Trucks is Scania PGRS and physics by Frkn64 from workshop. Truck interior improve and sounds mods is from ETS2 mods web. Have fun! ?

    • Base Map: Liverpool (UK)
    • DLC Vive Le France: Nantes (FR)
    • DLC Iberia: Lisboa (Portuguese)
    • DLC Italia: Turin (Italy)
    • DLC Scandinavia: Odense (Denmark)
    • DLC Going East: Lodz (Poland)
    • DLC Beyond the Baltic Sea: Liepaja (Latvijas)
    • DLC Road to the Black Sea: Pleven (Turkey)
  2. 21 hours ago, acesteely20 said:

    So I have seen a fair few new players around recently and have seen many of them struggle or have problems and here are a few tips I have for them.


    • Don't have fatigue simulation on. especially as can cause accidents if you are too sleepy and you are responsible for anything that happens.
    • Don't have air pressure simulation on. I have seen way too many people blocking and use the excuse "air pressure low" This is blocking and is not an excuse and you can get banned for it
    • don't just jump on C-D road straight away . Yes it's a thrilling place and yes it can be fun but for a new player it can be overwhelming and can cause problems if you don't know the road or are not confident
    • Don't buy a 8x4 just because you can. Many new players buy 8x4's just to haul a box or Reefer trailer. The 8x4 isn't the best for turning and there is no point if you are hauling normal cargo#


    these are just a few tips I have off the top of my head and from things i have seen and thought they would be useful to share ?

    I think this post is also helpful for new players, thank you ! ?

  3. 以我个人的习惯我会在上线前打开屏幕录制,确保全程录像以便事后截取录像证据来举报该玩家的行为。如果遇见鲁莽驾驶的玩家第一时间我会在遵守道路规则的情况下进行避让,如果他是故意闹事或违反规则我会问他是什么情况并且REC ban的警告,查询并记录UTC时间下线后在官网上提交举报等待游戏审核团队的回复。如果他没有对我产生影响也没有闹事且对此行为表示致歉,那我不会对这件事提交举报。

  4. It may be due to the lack of files after the update. It is recommended that you completely delete the plug-in and download the plug-in again on the official website. The game root directory must be set correctly.


  5. TMP在线游戏的状态下不同的区域都会按照限速来设置限速,这个限速器就类比单机模式下的卡车限速器,但是单机状态下是90km/h,线上游戏到了不同的区域加油门是不能超过区域限速,但下坡状态滑行会超速是正常的,怕超速可以定个巡航。另外单机状态下是可以开启和关闭卡车限速器,而TMP线上是不行的,希望我的回答能帮上你。

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