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  1. Let me try to get this straight, do you want to limit them because you and others(not mentioned any names except one) are bugged off about the cars and that you consider them to be in your way etc?


    Have you tried picking up a cargo and delivering it in less populated areas on the servers? If you consider the cars to be a problem whilest others might not then perhaps you could just try to drive in less populated areas on the servers or choose a server with fewer players on it to avoid running in to cars. As I am Scandinavian I usually drive up in Sweden and Norway on the servers and have also tried out the Viva La France DLC and I would say that there isnt really a lot of cars up nor down there, most of the cars tend to stick where it is "fun" to be as in Calais - Duisburg road or Europort, Rotterdam etc.


    So as said, perhaps you should consider moving away from those areas a bit just to help yourself, I guarantee you that Scandinavia and France is much more beautiful to drive on than the Calais - Duisburg road.

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  2. As others have already said, accidents happen. However you should be aware of the rules you have to obey while playing on the servers, one of these rules state the following:




    Reckless Driving

    Driving in such a way that is considered unsafe, driving backwards, wrong way, failing to yield, ignoring other players and rules.



    And after watching the video added in your ban info it is clear that you ignored a yield sign while coming in to a roundabout and crashed into another player and therefore got yourself a ban, take note from it now and be careful while driving and in high traffic areas or areas with many players you should really take if slow and steady. One thing that's often said when teaching new drivers on how to behave in traffic is that "You should always think of everyone else on the road as an id**t and expect the unexpected from them" and that means that you should always take it slow into a crossing or traffic light etc even if you have the right of way, you never know when there's someone else who doesn't care about that he/she has to yeild for you and just drive on. In the end it's way better for you if you just take it slow and steady into crossings, roundabouts etc as it saves you from unnecessary damage on your truck/trailer caused by others.


    To avoid future bans you might want to have a look at the rules and make sure to read them carefully and obey them in the future and things like this wont happen again.



    I see your ban has expired a couple of days ago, wish you a happy trucking now and hope you'll be more careful while behind the wheel in the future.

  3. Depends on what you're looking for, if you're looking for a good quality and a good truck simulator that displays the trucks in a good way I guess Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator are the best choices when it comes to that. Sure the are some issues with the game that SCS should focus on fixing but I would still say they're the best real life trucking simulator games on the market, if im not wrong Astragon have tried to get into the trucking simulation genre a while back and my god it was like driving in Mario Kart with bad handling and graphics and everything...


    However if you're looking for off road trucking and a bit of a funny challange with friends I would recommend Spintires, usually get to laugh quite a lot when I play it with my friends. I would say it's as much fun as driving on the Calais - Duisburg road during peak hours on the servers.



  4. Well where to start, where to start. Oh well 4 years ago I moved away from my hometown of Karlskrona in Southern Sweden and I even left Sweden, tho not that far away from Sweden. I moved to our neighbor country Norway. More specific a Northern Norway and a tiny but beautiful town called Narvik.




    Narvik is located in Ofotfjorden and if I get to say it myself Narvik is pretty well located close to many awesome places by car or by foot, it's a 30 minutes drive up to the Norwegian/Swedish border by Riksgränsen, a bit over 2 hours to Kiruna, a bit over 3 hours to Tromsø(often described as Paris of the north) and lets not forget about 4-5 hours away from beautiful and stunning Lofoten.


    The biggest industry in Narvik is by my knowledge LKAB a big Swedish mining company, the mine itself is located in Kiruna, Sweden however all the iron ore is then shipped by train over the "Iron ore line" over to Narvik where it's loaded over to ships headed out to all over the world. A fun fact about the mine itself is that the mine currently produces 90 per cent of ALL the iron in Europe, they mine enough iron ore to build more than six Eiffel Towers per day.




    Above is one of the trains transporting the iron ore between Kiruna and Narvik, each train is pulling 66(68) wagons behind it full with ore, the train measures 750m long and loaded with 6 500 tons of ore(a bit heavier than a truck ain't it)


    What most people don't know is that WWII struck Norway and Narvik and Northern Norway itself quite hard, when people say WWII most of us think of Germany or Poland or some other country. Few of us think of Norway as a part of it and I'll admit even though I am a big fan of history I was one of them before I moved up here.


    So why did the war strike Norway, well we all know war is fought with weapons, machines etc. What are one of the necessary things to build these things? Iron you say, well you're exactly right, Hitler and the Nazi Germany wanted the iron ore that was mined from Kiruna. However Sweden wasn't any problem for them since Sweden cooperated, the problem was Norway. Therefor the nazis decided to invade Norway and take Narvik to get their iron, I am not gonna write a whole essay on this though but for those of you who want you can read up on it more on Wikipedia or other pages online etc.




    Below is a picture i took in Narvik War Museum, it says "62 days of war, 64 ships lost, 8500 soldiers lost, 86 planes lost" and below is one of the bombs the nazi planes dropped on Narvik durring the battle.


    Fun fact to the Austrian fellow here: Most of the German foot soldiers was actually Austrain.




    There is still loads of things from the war left up here, traces, memories etc. Loads of ship wrecks in the bottom of the harbour. One that I myself consider a bit cooler than all the others is the wreck of the German destroyer Z2 Georg Thiele, she was badly damaged by British ships in the Battle of Narvik and the Captain of the ship Max-Eckart Wolff ordered her to be run aground for the crew to be able to escape safely to shore. She was run aground out in Rombaksfjorden on 13 of April 1940 and there she still lays to this day.

    (Georg Thiele photographed by a British ship after having been run aground.)




    And above is a picture of how she lays now 76 years later, it's quite hard to get out to where she lays as there is no signs nor marked "tourist" trail to it. There is a tiny trail you can follow but it's quite rough terrain to walk and steep hills and a wrong step and you'll fall on your behind and glide straight into the fjord or worse.


    You can read more about the ship here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_destroyer_Z2_Georg_Thiele


    Below is an old clip about the Battle of Narvik, if I am not completely wrong there's been talk about doing a big "Hollywood" style movie about the battle recently.



    And a documentary about the battle:


    I think we leave the battle there now, if you want to know more about it Wikipedia, Youtube and Google is your best friends for it! :)


    I don't really know what else to say about Narvik now so here enjoy a beautiful clip of Narvik and its mountain.


    Last but not least, I'll leave you with 2 beautiful pics I've taken out in beautiful and nearby Lofoten.





    Oh one last thing I forgot to mention we have a nearby zoo called Polar Park, whats so special about this place is that you can actually get to go in to the wolf pen and visit the foxes as well but if you're interested in that you'll have to look it up yourself. Now I am gonna leave you with a cute reindeer picture instead that I've taken.




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  5. ^^


    True but we ordered the older gen because there's so much new technology in the new ones that can cause malfunctions and errors etc and our customers rely on that we load and deliver our goods on time since we drive dairy products supplying the northernmost part of Norway and all its stores with milk and all other dairy products and microwave food etc. My truck is soon 1 year old, it'll turn one in april this year and we're trading it in when it's 3 years old so I suppose I'll get a new gen then, hoping for an S580. By then Scania should have been able to solve any minor errors and malfunctions with the new gen if there is any. :) 

  6. Found this band a couple of days ago and my god I didn't expect them to be so good and to get stuck in my head that easily but they did, my favs with them has got to be as below Wings of Madness, Fairytales (Bonus Track version), For Freedom's Sake and Follow Me. And of course the "Lost in Forever" album by Beyond The Black is really good as well, it's a bit of like rock/melodic metal. Been listeningen to these songs the whole week while at work and my favs with them so far has to be Against The World, Beyond The Mirror, Forget My Name, Rage Before The Storm, Our Little Time, Dim The Spotlight, Love's A Burden and of course lets not forget the beast of a song called Beautiful Lies.



  7. Well what conclusion can we make out of this you think?


    I would say it's the same as always, we all know that Renault trucks are crap and that Volvo and Scania is the best ones for the job out there.

    I wonder why, is it perhaps that both is Made in Sweden, Swedish quality like everything else Swedish I would say! :D

  8. ^^


    Well that's actually false, I drive a Scania R580 at my job and it handles hills really good even on slippery conditions and is WAAAAAY better than a Scania R730 on slippery roads. The reason behind this is that the R730 is actually way too strong and you easily start spinning on the roads with it if you give it a little too much gas.

  9. Since I can see that there's snow on the ground does that mean it's slippery?


    I don't know how it works in this game but those 2 axle trucks like the one you have get stuck ALL the damn time up here in the winter, doesn't matter if it's good or bad weather as soon as they reach a hill they basically get stuck and need to drive with chains on all the time. We Scandinavians tend to use 6x2 or 6x4 trucks up here, they manage way better on slippery roads because on a 6x2 you'll just lift the rear axle to put more weight on the driving axle to push you up a hill and clearly on a 6x4 you got drive on both rear axles and they tend to handle hills very good. You might want to try one of those combos and see if they work better?


    Would have been cool to see if you managed to get up easier with such a truck actually. :) 

  10. Hello


    As read in the topic my ETS 2 MP keeps crashing or rather freezing when I press F7 and ask for a tow to the nearest Service station, this does not happen in Singleplayer and have never happened before to me on ETS 2 MP. It started happening recently and I have tried creating an entire new profile in the game and try that yet still the same problem. The game just keeps on freezing and I have to reboot my computer.


    To specify a bit, I used to be able to play the MP without any problem at all. And this problem started occuring in the past month or two however I haven't botherd to try and solve in back then but suddenly got an urge to play some MP today and tried googeling and everything to solve this yet I come up with nothing that works.


    Anyone got an idea of how to solve this I would much appreciate some help.


    Best Regards & Thanks in advance


  11. Hello fellow truckers!


    First to clear on thing up, this will NOT be a post about that SCS Software is bad or anything like that. I think they're really good and still like their games.


    Now to get to the point, I feel like they sometimes prioritise the wrong things in their games. This is all from my point of view from a real truck driver.


    Euro Truck Simulator 2

    Now for example take a look at the most recent DLC for ETS 2 called "Mighty Griffin" which is basically a bling bling DLC for the Scania with loads of chrome. It's fun that they actually do such DLC's it really is but I think theres way too much chrome in this DLC and too little of other cool things to put on. And I also consider it wrong of SCS Software to make such a DLC to a truck which isn't even finished at all, this is a model that hasn't been updated since the dawn of the game itself basically. If you take a look at the speedometers you'll see how full of edges they are and compare them to another newer truck like the Mercedes Actros you'll see a big difference, so I think they rather should remake the old dashboards on the really old trucks to fit todays expectations and since we alreay have seen that they're capable of doing a lot better today.


    One thing that also bugs the s**t out of me about the Scania trucks is that horrendous indicator sound, I don't know where they got that from but certainly not from a Scania and the V8 sound is completely off and so is the engine sounds for the smaller Scania engines. I would go as far as saying that not a single sound from the Scania is correct at the moment. I don't know why they haven't fixed this, they have fixed the indicators on the new Volvo FH so why not the Scania as well. I think it's kinda wrong that they have permission to use the Scania brand on their trucks when they aren't made correctly and that this is something they should fix ASAP. From what I've heard the Volvo trucks only have the right indicator sound but the engine sound is off on them too.


    One thing that also bugs me is the lack of sideskirts on everything but 4x2 trucks, the new Actros and DAF XF support sideskirts on all models however the rest doesn't I think this should be fixed and added to all other brands. And yes Scania and Volvo at least have sideskirts for all of their models. Below is proof from my Scania and as you can see it's not a 4x2.



    In my point of view all the above should be fixed before even thinking about other DLC's such as "Viva La France" and so on, when the "base" game has reached a good quility I think it's wise to start thinking about DLC's and not a minute before that.


    I can't speak out about the other brand since I've only driven Scania and Volvo.


    I think they should update all truck models to meet a higher graphic quality/standard if you get what I mean and I also think they should update the trucks so all the sounds corresponds with the models or they shouldn't be allowed to use the brands itself, the sound and looks of trucks I feel is quite important.


    American Truck Simulator

    American Truck Simulator is a truly beautiful game with beautiful and cool scenery across the map, beautiful cities and everything. But that's where this "fairytale" ends, you got access to 2 different truck brands in the game, Peterbilt and Kenworth and a total of 3 different trucks and a very small amount of customization for those trucks.


    We all know that SCS Software is hard at work signing new brands and trucks, however it's been 5 months now. 5 months since the release and 5 months with only 2 brands. I'm not saying that they're too slow or anything like that but a progress update regardning new trucks every now and then would be appreciated. I think it's a bit of a shame that we got this beautiful game but only 3 trucks for almost half a year now and I would say that the fanbase of ATS is dropping for every month at moment and some major changes need to happen pretty soon to the game.


    SCS Software

    I think it's wonderful what SCS Software do and that they create these fun Simulator games for us to have so much fun with, however I think they're pretty bad at communication. We usually say that communication is A and O to everything, I mean sure they have their blog and Facebook page but theres still so many unaswered questions everywhere and usually when they write something it's about something completely different than what you were hoping for.


    Like what happened to rigid trucks, the coaches and so on?


    Last I heard the rigid was still going to be implemented into the game, and first they spoke about a "Euro Coach Simulator" however later changed their mind and said that the coaches were going to be implemented into ETS 2. From what I've seen they have made it a bit ready for that by adding bus stations and stops into the maps but what's next? I haven't heard anything about the above in a really long time now.


    How about finishing all of the above before starting on new DLC's, you usually finish one project before starting 10 new.


    And I would also be glad if we got some progress update regarding new brands for ATS and inform your loyal customers whats going on.




    So what do you think, Am I completely out of my mind or do you agree with me completely or a bit or what? Please leave some feedback of what you think below!

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  12. ^^


    Testing what if I may ask?

    If its ready for you to actually show us on a Stream and successfully do a Convoy in it isn't it ready to be released then so we who are eager to play finally can?


    Excuse me if I sound impolite its just that on monday I start a new work week and wont be free that much for 3 weeks forward so I'm kinda eager to get to be able to drive some MP since I consider it much more fun than SP.

  13. I didn't real all of this but as far as I see you wan't trucks to be "saved" in-game as players quits and you want more time on jobs.


    This would only cause chaos everywhere, first off about the time. Since the time doesn't move as it does in SP I don't see why more time is even needed, you have more than enough time to "rest" a while and still complete a delivery within the time limit.


    About the trucks being "saved" in-game as a player quits, how much chaos don't you think this would cause as players tend to pull of to the side of the motorway and then quit, some people just stops and quit just where they are doesn't matter if they're on the road or off the road because they simply just don't care about you or any other player. Then of course we have those unlucky ones that have poor internet connection like me for example that lives in northern Norway, it sometimes happens that my internet just suddenly dies for an unknown amount of time.


    How pissed wouldn't you be if you crashed in to some player who had quit the game 1 hour ago and their truck was just parked on the road just around a sharp bend? Or how pissed would you be if my internet suddenly had died while i was on my way in to a cargo depot blocking the only entrance and not inside the NCZ?


    I know I would get really mad, I already get pissed off when I'm picking up a trailer that's 100% damaged already before I even touched it. If I crashed in to some bloke that decided to quit 2 hours ago in the middle of the road and his truck is just standing there I would be insanely mad because of the unnecessary loss of money. 

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