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  1. As others have pointed out you need to supply everyone with more information first if you require help.


    Have you tried playing different radio stations or just one?


    If you have only tried one the issue itself may lay with the radio station instead of the game as some stations don't work depending on where you're located. Please try several different stations from different nations and see how that works.

  2. Geez is this a kindergarten or what.


    First off, you need to show some respect to get some respect and that applies to all so I don't get it why you have to run around calling others bad things etc, that is just completely unnecessary and uncalled for. Man up instead and show the rest that you are better than that, that you can behave properly and not act like a 12 year old kid.


    I don't like taking sides especially since we all know that there's often two sides to every story, but the behavior (as previously stated by some in this thread) by some here recently have just been ridiculous and to be honest quite shocking, some people that I thought higher of has now shown me their true face I suppose which is honestly shocking.


    And threatening people, what's up with that? Do you really think it's okey to threaten people? How would you feel if someone threatened you instead? You wouldn't like it that much I think, well do you think anyone likes it?


    I actually feel sorry for our upper staff at this moment by the amount of crap they've been getting from some, it's again ridiculous and also uncalled for and above all unfair!


    So once again MAN UP! If you have issues with anything or consider something to be bad then that's fine, we all have different opinions on things but that does not mean we should go berserk and threaten people or misbehave. If you have issues with something or consider something to be wrong then bring it up in a well manner, point out what you think is wrong, why you think so, a possible solution etc and you will get heard and you will get answered properly as well.


    Or is it simply just too much to ask that people be polite nowadays.

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  3. On 2017-07-18 at 11:56 AM, VagAssLau said:

    Tyvärr finns det inte många svenska spelare på forumet.


    Det där vill ju jag egentligen dementera då jag inte anser att det är riktigt sant, finns en hel del svenskar här på forumet dock väldigt få av oss som faktiskt brukar checka denna delen av forumet(tyvärr). :) 

  4. Have you ever played on any of the servers before?

    If you have I am pretty certain that you have seen those god forsaken cars flying about almost everywhere, and have you seen when one of those cars hit another truck how it flies away to the moon and back. Have you ever been on the road between Calais and Duisburg? If so you could almost consider yourself lucky because it's almost like New Years Eve there each night, see all those Scout cars flying up in the air at full speed ahead with different colours and flashing with their beacons on and everything. Quite a magnificent view actually.


    But yeah you've most probably seen how much damage a car itself can cause and how recklessly most of the people drive in them, do you really think it would be wise to give them the option to have a trailer too? Imagine them wobbling about on the road with a trailer on and losing control of it and ramming you right in the side when they're trying to overtake you. It's not often the car is the one who gets out of a truck vs car accident better than the truck but we all know thats what they do here and it's you who ends up on your roof far out in the bush.

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  5. Let me try to get this straight, do you want to limit them because you and others(not mentioned any names except one) are bugged off about the cars and that you consider them to be in your way etc?


    Have you tried picking up a cargo and delivering it in less populated areas on the servers? If you consider the cars to be a problem whilest others might not then perhaps you could just try to drive in less populated areas on the servers or choose a server with fewer players on it to avoid running in to cars. As I am Scandinavian I usually drive up in Sweden and Norway on the servers and have also tried out the Viva La France DLC and I would say that there isnt really a lot of cars up nor down there, most of the cars tend to stick where it is "fun" to be as in Calais - Duisburg road or Europort, Rotterdam etc.


    So as said, perhaps you should consider moving away from those areas a bit just to help yourself, I guarantee you that Scandinavia and France is much more beautiful to drive on than the Calais - Duisburg road.

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  6. Hello


    As read in the topic my ETS 2 MP keeps crashing or rather freezing when I press F7 and ask for a tow to the nearest Service station, this does not happen in Singleplayer and have never happened before to me on ETS 2 MP. It started happening recently and I have tried creating an entire new profile in the game and try that yet still the same problem. The game just keeps on freezing and I have to reboot my computer.


    To specify a bit, I used to be able to play the MP without any problem at all. And this problem started occuring in the past month or two however I haven't botherd to try and solve in back then but suddenly got an urge to play some MP today and tried googeling and everything to solve this yet I come up with nothing that works.


    Anyone got an idea of how to solve this I would much appreciate some help.


    Best Regards & Thanks in advance


  7. ^^


    Testing what if I may ask?

    If its ready for you to actually show us on a Stream and successfully do a Convoy in it isn't it ready to be released then so we who are eager to play finally can?


    Excuse me if I sound impolite its just that on monday I start a new work week and wont be free that much for 3 weeks forward so I'm kinda eager to get to be able to drive some MP since I consider it much more fun than SP.

  8. I didn't real all of this but as far as I see you wan't trucks to be "saved" in-game as players quits and you want more time on jobs.


    This would only cause chaos everywhere, first off about the time. Since the time doesn't move as it does in SP I don't see why more time is even needed, you have more than enough time to "rest" a while and still complete a delivery within the time limit.


    About the trucks being "saved" in-game as a player quits, how much chaos don't you think this would cause as players tend to pull of to the side of the motorway and then quit, some people just stops and quit just where they are doesn't matter if they're on the road or off the road because they simply just don't care about you or any other player. Then of course we have those unlucky ones that have poor internet connection like me for example that lives in northern Norway, it sometimes happens that my internet just suddenly dies for an unknown amount of time.


    How pissed wouldn't you be if you crashed in to some player who had quit the game 1 hour ago and their truck was just parked on the road just around a sharp bend? Or how pissed would you be if my internet suddenly had died while i was on my way in to a cargo depot blocking the only entrance and not inside the NCZ?


    I know I would get really mad, I already get pissed off when I'm picking up a trailer that's 100% damaged already before I even touched it. If I crashed in to some bloke that decided to quit 2 hours ago in the middle of the road and his truck is just standing there I would be insanely mad because of the unnecessary loss of money. 

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