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  1. As others have pointed out you need to supply everyone with more information first if you require help.


    Have you tried playing different radio stations or just one?


    If you have only tried one the issue itself may lay with the radio station instead of the game as some stations don't work depending on where you're located. Please try several different stations from different nations and see how that works.

  2. Modern Warefare 2 was the last good game that came with their name, or well to be fair Modern Warefare 2 was the last in the series with a good multiplayer series. However I've always liked the singleplayer experience of the games, I mean watching Kevin Spacey play badguy or "John Snow" that isn't that bad, as said the singleplayer has been rather good all the time but multiplayer as really been ruined since MW2.


    I mean like this as to be one of the most badass cutscenes ever seen in a game, it still gives me shivers.



  3. The truck itself is rather cool especially interior wise, I like how luxurious it looks and reminds me a lot of newer Mercedes cars.


    However I don't like the new DRL, I think the old DRLs looked better on it. Also one more thing I'm rather skeptical about is the "mirrors" as they're cameras which has in turn a rather small lense, imagine how quickly they get filled with dirt especially during winter when the roads often are wet and filled with salt etc. I've heared that they have heating in them etc but there's heating on mirrors as it is today but that doesn't stop salt and dirt from getting onto the mirrors, you often have to clean your mirrors but then again mirrors are also a much bigger thing which means it takes more dirt to fill it before it becomes a problem for you to see through them while a camera lense as said is rather small so it would therefore not require much dirt and salt on it before it would become a problem to see through.

  4. Lets face the facts here for a second can't we, the reason to why you get paid what others think is a lot in Norway is because Norway is a really expensive country to live in over all. Sweats in any form has a sugar tax on it and is usually dubble the price of its neighbour country Sweden.


    From what I've seen the salary in Norway is usually around everything from 26 000 NOK - 40 000 NOK (2 700 EUR - 4 200 EUR) per month totally depending on what kind of work you do as others have pointed out previously and depending on what the company in question actually is willing to pay. However in Sweden a typical pay from my understanding is around 19 000 SEK - 25 000 SEK (1 800 EUR - 2 400 EUR) so as you can see the difference is quite large depending on what country you live and work in but you also have to keep in mind that the cost of living is also completely different all over the world.


    If you want to be a cross border driver that will be rather hard if you actually want to make any money, in Scandinavia in general there isn't many cross border drivers anymore who is Scandinavian as you have the ever growing problem of larger companies using shell companies in cheaper countries and then use drivers from those countries to drive cross border for them. Bring/Posten Norge is one of the biggest companies in Scandinavia behind this and they're actually even being sued at the moment from one of their previous drivers, Bring owns a company in Slovakia called "Bring Trucking AS" which they in turn use to transport cargo for them all around Scandinavia with Slovakian drivers and other nationalities that's cheaper than Scandinavian drivers are, these drivers have stated that they spend months away from home at a time and get paid around 500 EUR per month, imagine trying to survive on that in a Scandinavian country which is much more expensive than what they are used to.


    Bring however is of course not alone with doing this, DB Schenker does it too. They use amongst others Bulgarian trucks and drivers to transport their goods between Göteborg and Oslo, the Swedish/Danish PostNord use Vlantana from Latvia as a big operator all across Scandinavia for them.


    So to be fair I wouldn't advise you to drive cross border as the pay isn't that well and you'll always have these companies that push the prices so low that their drivers have to pay the price in the end, in my eyes what Bring, Schenker, PostNord and others are doing to the international market is hideous and is advanced slave trade as it's inhumane to do such horrendous things to other human beings as they do.


    If you wanna work as a truck driver, drive within your own country, drive a dump truck or something and get home every night. You gotta keep in mind that you work to be able to live, not live to be able to work. I speak with experience when I say I regret so many choices I've made and I regret having a job that means I rarely get to spend time at home.

  5. One thing you also need to keep in mind that this is one of many heavily populated junctions, meaning that for those poor souls that actually have to yield it can be a nightmare to get out properly during peak hours. Therefore it's appreciated a lot sometimes when there's some kind person who actually slows down or stops to let others out even tho he/she doesn't have to.


    Also I've never heard of any law prohibiting vehicles to yield even when they don't have to, I know for a fact that I and many others often yield to other heavy vehicles in real life on the road even tho we don't always have to just because it's a kind thing to do and might assist him/her a bit. I do however know that IF you rear end a vehicle it's your own fault however you try to turn it since either you werent paying attention to the road and traffic ahead of you or you were driving too close to the vehicle in front of you.

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  6. Geez is this a kindergarten or what.


    First off, you need to show some respect to get some respect and that applies to all so I don't get it why you have to run around calling others bad things etc, that is just completely unnecessary and uncalled for. Man up instead and show the rest that you are better than that, that you can behave properly and not act like a 12 year old kid.


    I don't like taking sides especially since we all know that there's often two sides to every story, but the behavior (as previously stated by some in this thread) by some here recently have just been ridiculous and to be honest quite shocking, some people that I thought higher of has now shown me their true face I suppose which is honestly shocking.


    And threatening people, what's up with that? Do you really think it's okey to threaten people? How would you feel if someone threatened you instead? You wouldn't like it that much I think, well do you think anyone likes it?


    I actually feel sorry for our upper staff at this moment by the amount of crap they've been getting from some, it's again ridiculous and also uncalled for and above all unfair!


    So once again MAN UP! If you have issues with anything or consider something to be bad then that's fine, we all have different opinions on things but that does not mean we should go berserk and threaten people or misbehave. If you have issues with something or consider something to be wrong then bring it up in a well manner, point out what you think is wrong, why you think so, a possible solution etc and you will get heard and you will get answered properly as well.


    Or is it simply just too much to ask that people be polite nowadays.

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  7. On 2017-07-18 at 11:56 AM, VagAssLau said:

    Tyvärr finns det inte många svenska spelare på forumet.


    Det där vill ju jag egentligen dementera då jag inte anser att det är riktigt sant, finns en hel del svenskar här på forumet dock väldigt få av oss som faktiskt brukar checka denna delen av forumet(tyvärr). :) 

  8. Well to say things in a simple way, the floor.


    As you can probably see the new S generations windows etc are located a bit further up compared to the R series this is due to the S being a complete flat floor truck, this meaning that unlike the R series there is no bulk from the engine in the middle anymore. Since it's also higher it also has another step to climb into the cabin making it 4 steps in total which means it's not really an optimal truck for short routes and is more directed towards those long hauls etc.


    Basically that's the only thing that's different between the new R and S series.

  9. A new video is up for you guys who's still interested.



    And I actually already have another one uploaded to YouTube as we speak and just waits for me to press "Public" on it tomorrow.


    I hope you guys like it, and one more thing I could really use all your help regarding songs etc to use in my clips so if you have any recommendations please send them to me! I would also be really glad if someone could help me make like a cool intro to these vids that would have been so cool to have and maybe also a cool header and profile clip for the channel? :)

  10. 7 hours ago, Penguin said:

    Instead of signs which warn you of deer, do you get like 'Stray Polar bears' signs? :P:troll: 


    Haha sadly no thats only up in Svalbard, however we got loads of reindeers and reindeer warning signs :P

  11. Thank you so much for all the kind words guys and as I said I will upload more as long as people find it interesting and like watching it, so I just finished uploading a new video recorded today as I was arriving into Tromsø (often described as Paris of the north, I don't know why tho).


    And FYI I also have a new video ready for you lot tomorrow hopefully.


    If you find Tromsø interesting I recommend you to look it up on Google as more images and videos and information is obviously available there as I don't really know that much about it more than it is one of the major and larger cities in the north and it is also classed as one of Norways most expensive places to live.



    And @MrHarv #Wish64 I will consider doing that in the future when I'm able to get a new camera since this dash cam requires power from a power outlet all the time to stay on and recording.

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  12. If you read the top part again @Doppler effect it explains to you why its not dark, its because I live so far up north above the arctic circle meaning that during summer the sun never sets up here and therefore it can't possibly get dark. And yes there is a speed limit of 80km/h on roads without speed signs in Norway, when exiting a 60km/h you'll see a white sign with grey numbers in it and 60 crossed over with black lines which then marks that you're now leaving the 60 zone and its now 80km/h that is the allowed speed. 

  13. Hi everyone!


    So as a couple of you already know I am a trucker and I work in northern Norway, since (at least what I think) the nature is kinda spectacular up here especially now during summer as we have whats called "Midnight sun" meaning exactly what it says and the sun never sets so clearly we don't get any darkness up here in the summer. So as some might be interest in trucking or nature or Norway or maybe the midnight sun I thought why not create a clip recorded by the dash cam so I did.


    I created a clip out of the part where I passed over Kvænangsfjellet in northern Norway, Troms Fylke. The video is recorded yesterday the night between the 24th and 25th of July and the time as stated by the clock in the bottom left corner is 2 hours wrong since it displays time in UTC so Norwegian time meaning that you'll have to add 2 hours to what it says there.


    Below you can find the video if you're interested.



    So now to my question for you lot here, what did you think about the video? Was it cool to watch? Do you have any hints or tricks or any information for me that I could use etc? Would you be interested in more of these videos or what? If yes, do you have any specific wishes?


    Please give me some feedback guys, but please bare in mind that this is just simply a sped up clip not edited in any way at all and its my first video ever posted on YouTube. :)

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