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  1. to be honest I'm saddened by this update, I mean the whole shake up about bans and punishment lengths is a step in the right direction and a positive step towards a better future for TMP, my concerns are the changes to save editing and what you can and cannot do now. I mean, the rules as they it stood were pretty clear cut and for someone like me who enjoys building edited trucks and trailers, you knew what was allowed and what wasn't. now you can pretty much do no type of save edit at all for trailers and very minimal changes to trucks thanks to the new rules. as said before, changes are supposed to try and be in the right direction, but this change in some respects is a good few steps backwards, yes ultimately TMP is aiming for a completely simulation based world, which is both good and bad, but ultimately the "simulator" is nothing more than a game and by claiming things should and should not be included in the game simply because its not "realistic" is rather far fetched, I mean come on, unless TMP has thousands of staff all over Europe and the USA reporting back how every single truck and trailer looks and the "modifications" that are on said trucks and trailers, then allow those of us who want to drive more custom looking trucks and trailers around do so. Bring back the old save editing rules!
  2. In my opinion, what you said could be deemed as a insult or being demeaning to a fellow player, so the moderator/manager acting well within their rights under TMP rules. You have to bear in mind that just because something to you doesn't seem to be an insult or abusive, to others it could be taken in that way. Its why if someone does something that causes you a problem, you don't react by calling them names, however light and meaningless that name might seem to you, to them it might be quite demeaning. In that situation, you should ideally either not react or make a joke of it like, "oi, couldn't you see I was parking here already?" or something light-hearted that both shows your annoyance but doesn't make the person feel attacked or insulted by your choice of words. You have to remember that you are playing with people from all over the world and so one word can have many, many meanings worldwide, some good, some bad, so you have to be careful about what you say in chat. No matter how angry people can make you feel, screaming and shouting and using words that could be seen as abusive doesn't get you anywhere and in fact CAN land you in deep trouble with you being banned for it.
  3. To be honest, the promods server suffers from the same problem as the simulation servers, there’s one area of the map that’s particularly busy, ProMods it’s kirkenes, sim servers it’s Calais and Duisburg, which leaves the vast majority of the map quite desolate and quiet. ProMods also suffers because yo need all the current map DLCs in order to play, which is fine for those of us who have owned the game a long time or have simply kept up to date with DLCs, but newer players or those who can’t afford or don’t want the DLCs can’t play. As long as you either stick around Norway and Finland, or head through the UK and Iceland, you’ll see a lot of players on average, but most of the map south and east are quiet, same as in standard servers, south UK p, north france and surround areas are busy, but further north and east and south are Gerald quiet, it’s just part and parcel of online, everyone goes to the places that there’s the most going on.
  4. Honestly, I would like to see reworks to the base map areas, much like in Germany, along with more cities/town in these older parts of the map, but also I’d like to see there works to expand to include the “going east” DLC map areas seeing as they are the first “DLC” areas added to ETS2. Also I would like to see more DLC areas that expand into pretty much all directions much like ProMods does. As for Trucks, I’d like to see more new gen and old gen trucks added in, along with tuning packs for Volvo, MAN and Renault, also include more variations of trucks, such as more LGV/fixed chassis trucks and longer wheelbase 6x4 variations. in terms of trailers, more ownable trailers such as low beds and tanker trailers. Theres a lot more SCS can add to ETS2,, it’s all about being patient and seeing what comes out.
  5. For me I'm kind of in the middle of both sides of this argument, On one hand having a capped limit of only 68MPH (a rather annoying number IMO for those who use MPH) is an advantage because it helps thin traffic out a bit instead of everyone seemingly liking to hug each others bumpers at high speed, also it does make it feel more realistic in a way, but on the flip side, the crash rate is the pretty much the same before and after the limiter was implemented, the same bad driving still occurs no matter what speed you're capped at, I mean, traffic can be crawling at 10MPH and someone will still run into someone else, whether by accident or on purpose, Also the limiter makes doing any sort of long distance motorway driving long and tedious, especially for those of us who drive with a wheel and shifter. The thing that annoys me is the people who cant come up with a sensible argument for or against said issue and so reverted to the age old statement, "if you don't like it play on x server", my answer is why should people do so? multiplayer is about multiple people, multiple people means multiple opinions, multiple playstyles, telling someone to go play on x server because they have a differing opinion to you is not a very nice thing to say, We all have a common goal in multiplayer and that's to be able to play with other people, have fun, make friends and enjoy the game for what it is. Also, stating that anyone who wants to go fast wants to cause crashes or recklessly drive or treat the game like NFS, is a bit stereotypical, not EVERYONE wants to drive fast for the sake of these reasons, a lot of people enjoyed the higher limiter so that they can get around the map quicker and thus complete more loads etc. Its not fair to tar anyone who disagrees with the limiter to the brush along with trolls, and reckless numb skulls who find pleasure in causing carnage. I've always said that the limiter isn't a tool to alleviate trolling and ramming, its more there to add to the "realism" a little, don't get me wrong, I find that the limiter is overall more of a plus than a minus, its just misconstrued why it was added and peoples attitudes towards anyone else's opinions on said matter is shockingly disrespectful.
  6. To be fair, it’s actually quite common to see/have full size articulated trucks driving through “residential” areas, not everywhere in the world has a dirty great big huge motorway carving through the heart of town, sometimes large businesses need large vehicle and said vehicles will have to squeeze down narrow roads. Also ETS is a delivery simulator in a sense because you’re move items from one location to another which is a delivery. As for residential roads and delivery points being in a thing in ETS? Technically in ProMods there are some... interesting company locations around towns that are more realistic in my opinion, but I don’t think SCS will add this sort of thing unless they release LGVs and tandem style trucks that are smaller and more nimble.
  7. Honestly it depends on which youtubers you watch. Almost all the “funny moments” youtubers I watch drive with respect for the rules, one or two might do some, shall we say, questionable manoeuvres at times, but in my opinion there’s no malicious intent behind said actions. Thats the key that people forget, just because someone does something that isn’t strictly by the book, doesn’t mean they are a troll or, in this case, out to get more views etc, as long as there’s no malicious intent, I.e purposely forcing other drivers off the road, intentionally brake checking in populated areas etc etc. unfortunately there are youtubers out there who do cause accidents for views etc but karma eventually catches up with them, it’s just unfortunate that most people latch on to this fact and seem to have the impression that most, if not all, “funny moments” youtubers troll and cause said moments, which is completely wrong impression to have in my opinion, just because of a few view hunters.
  8. For me, I have a few roads and routes that I love driving, for stock map, no dlc, I find the road between Turin and bernthrough the mountains to be a lot of fun and also a driving challenge with all the tight hairpins, for DLC roads, I love driving the E16 from Bergen to Oslo as it features the most fun “rollercoaster” section of almost all of Scandinavia, in Italy, there’s so many nice winding country roads to choose it’s hard to nail just one, in France, anywhere in the south of France off of the main highways is a lot of fun. As for ProMods? So far I’ve found a few very winding and challenging routes that wind between Spain and France, obviously there’s the ice roads in Iceland, but also there’s so interesting routes around Romania.
  9. honestly, I think you have the wrong end of the proverbial stick. ProMods requires you to own ALL map DLCs because the assets, such as the buildings, toads, intersections, even down to small details like signs and trees (to name a few) that are used by SCS to create a different feel for each area of the map within said DLCs are then used by the ProMods developers to then create the different environments found in the mod. Not to mention the fact that a lot of the places added by ProMods are need certain DLCs to be accessible, for example, you wouldn’t be able to reach places like Romania without the Going East DLC because you, at some point, have to pass through a country added by said DLC before reaching the ProMods country. In my honest opinion, your frustration is not only unjustified in terms of your reason why, but it’s also aimed at the wrong people. ProMods is made for FREE by people who don’t demand that you pay to play and SCS charge money for DLCs because they are the ones creating, researching and getting permissions to make the expansions as true to real life as they can. Also, to be honest, there are plenty of opportunities to bag yourself the DLCs throughout the year with Steam sales and bundle deals that come available from time to time so really there’s nothing to complain about, especially as TMP still has standard map servers that can be played on, ProMods is just an extra thing, much like the winter mod, that can be used if you want but is not a requirement in order to play.
  10. To my knowledge there isn’t any MP friendly mods out there that allow you to straight up own the default trailers in ETS2, but there are some mods on the steam workshop that allow you to own some trailers, such as the livestock trailer, the schwartzmuller food tanker and the heavy haul dlc trailers, but I will say, use at your own risk because they may not be 100% legal in MP. Alternately, you can use save editing to put stock textures, such as the Eurogoodies or stokes skins, on ownable trailers, Or save edit default trailers to be ownable using a “dummy” trailer.
  11. It honestly depends on the situation at the time, if someone wrecks in front of me and I stop but the person behind me doesn't, I wont report them because what's the point? if it was necessary to report this type of incident, then every person who misjudges their braking or hits someone who lags out in front of them would end up being reported and banned, lets face it, that's a lot of work load for admins to have to deal with and a lot of wasted time that could be put to use actually controlling and stemming the flow of trolling and general rule breaking that we see daily. But if someone is overtaking and makes no effort to avoid oncoming traffic, then ill report them because accidents do indeed happen and misjudging your timing shouldn't be severely punished, but making no conscious effort to avoid causing an accident when you do have time to make said decision should be punished. The annoying thing, and the reason I no longer play on Sim 1, is that you get people who, no matter whether its accidental or not, whether is a full on ram or a light love tap, will scream report in chat and try and get the person banned for something that is, depending on the situation, unavoidable, this is the kind of behaviour that needs taming along with the intentional ramming and general trolling that happens day to day.
  12. I know for a fact that when ProMods comes to MP, my main base for my ProMods profile will be in Aberystwyth UK as it’s a place I’ve been to many times IRL and it’s got some interesting company locations ingame too.
  13. If I had to pick one truck and one truck only that wasn’t my normal go to truck, the new Gen Scania S, (because it’s super common and although I use it a lot, it’s not my all time personal favourite scania) it would have to be a 625hp, 6x4 taglift 2014 Mercedes actors, mostly because, although I’m not a huge fan of the dash layout for right hand drive, it has plenty of pulling power for any type of load, is quite stable at speed and with the taglift up, can perform dirt doughnuts without much hassle.
  14. I totally agree with you, although for me I cant have tab open for more than a few seconds before I lose almost all my frames for some unknown reason, its just that there are certain circumstances where even having the tab menu open and go by the distance from your current location to determine the troll, doesn't work, its okay on say a motorway or quiet back road with very little traffic, but in busier areas, where most trolling tends to happen nowadays, its much harder because at any one time you can have more than 2 people within a short distance of you.
  15. Honestly, this kind of behaviour has been around in TMP for years, they come flying at you at full speed, ram you, then before you have chance to even catch their name tag they disappear, either alt F4 or just reloading a save so that they can continue trolling. Sadly, short of having name tags appear in the mirrors or the game automatically logging the players pinfo when they make contact with you, there’s not much that can be done to counteract this. What I would suggest is that if you get rammed by someone who instantly disappears, just pull off to the side and dev cam around the area, sometimes people like this will load a save from a certain distance away and then troll an area around the save point, so chances are if you hang around and de cam and record, you’ll spot them trolling other people which then adds to your evidence to get the Perma banned. The Problem with driving with Tab open method for recording information, is that it works fine if you’re in a quiet area with only a couple of people around, but you get more than two or three people around it gets exponentially more difficult to know who is the troll and who is just another trucker going about their day. The thing you always have to remember is that no matter how fast a troll may be in getting away with ramming, karma will always catch up to the eventually.
  16. Honestly, I’m kinda looking forward to being able to play ProMods in TMP. After playing it solo for a while I find that there’s a lot of places to explore outside of SCS content, such as Ireland and Spain, but also, some of the custom pickup and drop-off points for jobs going to and from ProMods Cities/towns are way more skill based, (especially if you’re trying to manoeuvre a Scania T 8x4 through a packed shop car park, then it’s extremelydifficult) when compared to some of the vanilla locations that SCS provide. The only thing about playing ProMods is that it’s infuriating having to deal with AI in SinglePlayer who can’t figure out how to merge or take roundabouts at more than 5MPH, so being able to play Multiplayer will do away with that annoying part of playing SP m hopefully.
  17. The way I see it going is that the promods server will likely hit 1500 players for the first month or two, but after a while it’ll dwindle down to around 500-1000 average. Quite a fair amount of the community owns the required DLCs either through sales or just buying it, I’m not saying EVERYONE does, but I would say at least 1000 do. I mean, essentially all Promods does is add new towns and cities into the original parts of the map and changes a few roads/adds new roads there as well, along with adding new towns into the DLC areas and it also adds countries that are yet to be in ETS2, such as Spain. So honestly, sim 1 will still see 3000+ players average, whereas sim2 will likely drop even further with a lot driving on the promods server. Not to mention, people will always make C-D a mess until SCS finally rebuilds the rest of the stock map, (here’s to hoping they make changes to C-D to make it more realistic and less of a traffic bottleneck, both in MP and SP).
  18. For me it depends, I mostly use refrigerated trailers because of how they can be set up to compliment company paint schemes, but I’m not afraid to grab a standard double or HCT and have fun being a mini snake, but I will use dry freighters and curtainsiders depending on if I want to haul something different.
  19. 100% manual, H shift and clutch. So much easier to pull any type of load compared to an automatic which always chooses the most inconvenient time to upshift as you are climbing a hill.
  20. For me, it depends on where I intend to drive. highly populated areas, a single trailer is best because cargo weight is lower and you have more manoeuvrability in situations that require quick reactions, but singles get super boring when that’s all you’ve driven for years. outside of populated areas I will run either a; b double, because it’s super manoeuvrable and is easy to park once you understand what to do, a standard double (pup trailer at the rear behind the main trailer) because it’s more challenging to reverse and I find it more fun to drive around Germany and up into Scandinavia or the Baltic region, a hct because it’s way more challenging, extremely hard to park without having to disconnect and push the dolly wheels straight again, also hcts are a lot of fun to take to the more narrow and winding roads in the south of the map where they are way more challenging to drive. ultimately it’s down to the situation at hand as to which type of trailer to take.
  21. Singleplayer or not, it’s still a game, as long as you are not breaking the rules, I.e, not ramming people, not being useless traffic, not driving the wrong way, not excessively save editing to the point that your hit box is 2 lanes wide, not impersonating an admin etc etc, that does not mean you HAVE to play like it’s a 1:1 ratio against the real world. Like I’ve said before, an im getting tired of saying, every player who joins TMP should NOT have to play in 1 of 2 playstyles, people should be allowed to play how they want, WITHIN REASON, if you want to play 100% realistically, go ahead, you want to play semi realistically, meaning you follow all road rules, except speed limits, you should be allowed to, want to play as if it’s nfs, go ahead, there’s arcade servers for you, currently, it’s a case of, either you play 100% legit or you play like it’s nfs, those who play in the middle are the ones, like me, who are being messed with. Like me I said before, just because you want to do 30-50 mph on every road, doesn’t mean everyone else wants to, multiplayer, is MULTI player. It’s not a case of “one size fits all”, at least it shouldn’t be, Also, please refrain from thinking I personally ruin other people’s gameplay or have no intention of giving any respect towards other players, because you are 110% wrong, just because I like to play casually and drive faster than the speed limit when road conditions allow, does not mean I’m out to ram every person or can’t keep control of my vehicle. Not to mention, telling someone “if the sim servers aren’t your playstyle, go play arcade” is the height of rudeness because people should be allowed to do what they want, not what someone else thinks they should do. Like ive said before, yet again, having a server that’s dedicated to those who want to play 100% like real life is fine, having a server for those who only bought ETS2 so they could mimic Need for Speed, they have a server, that’s fine, but there is a vast number of people within this community or would like a mix of both servers, it’s not about, oh you want to go and cause trouble, not at all, it’s about being able to enjoy the game for what it is and still feel like you are responsible for your actions. The problem people have is that unless you want to play like a real HGV driver, you’re stuck with a dead no Collide server, that’s the problem, as I keep saying, there are more than 2 ways to play ETS2 and ATS, it cant be made any more simple than that. The thing that bugs me the most is people who feel they are obligated to try and ram down people’s throats that ETS2 and ATS should be driven like real life, as I said before, the games are not designed to be 100% realistic, for starters you can’t get out of your truck and do anything by hand, you have no physical damage or dirt, you don’t need to apply for a license or fill out manifests and legal driving documents, you don’t have to take mandatory breaks every few hours by law, you don’t have to deal with break downs or tires blowing out or loads shifting, you don’t have to deal with adverse weather conditions or have to consider winds while driving certain loads around, the list goes on and on, hence why ETS2 and ATS are deemed “casual simulators” because they are semi realistic, but can be played casually by any person from any place in the world.
  22. @Glada_Laxen Technically ETS2 and ATS are not true to real life, so trying to make a multiplayer that goes against the basic principles in the base game is wrong, I mean come on, if the game was really a true sim we wouldn’t be able to disable speed limiters or traffic fines or be able to adjust suspension stiffness and truck stability. The thing that a hat a lot of people get wrong is that they expect every player to fall into one of two categories, either someone who strictly does the exact speed limit and does everything quite literally by the book 100% of the time or someone is a troll/NFS fanatic and wants to do 120MPH everywhere, have no collisions and just generally not take anything seriously. The reality is, is that there are categories of players who sit in between the hardcore sim fans and the trolls, those who play by the rules but feel it monotonous to go 55mph or slower everywhere, yet still are responsible when it comes to managing their speed and position on the road, these are the people who are getting the proverbial short end of the stick with the whole “road to simulation” changes. The thing is, you can still “mess around” yet not ruin the “experience” for other people, like I said, a multiplayer is never black or white in terms of playstyles, there are always people who sit in between in the grey areas. A multiplayer, by definition, means multiple players, meaning multiple ways of approaching a situation and solving said situation, it’s bad for business to try and force everyone into one approach or another approach, I mean, how would you feel if TMP suddenly turned all four servers into no Collide, no limiter, no rule servers?
  23. The thing is, why should one admin be super strict, yet another will allow certain things, shouldn’t it be a uniform thing where if x incident happens and y incident happened as a result, then z punishment is justified, it should never be oh, admin number one will give a 2 month ban for, lets say, ramming someone, yet admin number two will just kick the person in the same scenario, it should be one OR the other, clearly defined in the rules for all to see. Hence why I said trigger happy, because it shouldn’t be admin discretion on what punishment is given, the discretion should be whether to give said punishment or not based upon evidence provided. Not everything in the world is ever black and white, there are always plenty of incidents and scenarios that are in between, plenty of things that may either look intentional but are in fact a total accident or may look accidental but are actually done on purpose, so you can’t tell be the only 1% or less are indistinguishable, that’s realms of fiction in my opinion, I would make a guess of more around 30-40% or lower are easily distinguishable, the rest are much more difficult. For example, take that someone’s doing between 55-60MPH on a back road like c-d but traffic density is much lower, yet the traffic ahead suddenly stops either because of a wreck or lag, that person slams on every brake available to stop but ends up rear ending the person ahead, what punishment would you issue?
  24. Honestly, for my I’m all for tougher punishments on specific incidents, I mean, there’s no sense in permanent banning someone for minor offences, offences that don’t do harm to others or are purely by accident. My fear is, is that all it takes is a trigger happy admin to start abusing the tougher rules by insta banning people for things that don’t need that sort of excessive punishment, all that will do is deter more normal drivers away from wanting to play TMP, yet the people that the rules are supposed to deter just carry on causing problems over and over again. The issue with with this new concept is that, although it may get rid of a lot of trolls who are physically seen by an admin, but there will still be trolls who cause problems either when there’s no admin online or in areas that admins do t regularly check, that allows the trolls to spend however long it takes for someone to record them, make a web report and to have that report claimed and reviewed, which might take a few hours, but most likely will take a few days if not weeks, thus making stricter punishments, in that sense, null and void. Furthermore, it’s extremely difficult to tell what can be deemed intentional and what can be deemed an accident, it’s next to impossible, so essentially people will drive in TMP constantly worrying about if something happens and they end up accidentally running into someone, even though they have no intention to cause harm to anyone, they can be potentially banned under the new rules. Like I said in the previous Road to Simulation, there’s more than one cause of most issues seen on the servers, but at there are a lot of different options open in terms of solutions to said problems, you can’t expect that the most obvious solution to be the one that solves everything. Sometimes it’s better to go back to the drawing board and tackle the problems from a better position, especially when you are in charge of a MULTIplayer mod, a mod that, for years, has had a fairly positive community, and that’s the thing, TMP is just that, a community, and with a community, compromise is the name of the game, it should always be about the WHOLE community and what they want, it’s all about keeping the vast majority of people happy. At the moment there really isn’t any definition on what TMP is anymore, the servers are a mess, at least before the changes there was a safe place for those who wanted to play hardcore simulation mod and be left in peace for the most part, now where can they go? Sim 1 is just a renamed EU2, sim2 is like an overspill from sim 1, it’s not quite as crazy, but it still has the same issues, then there’s the arcade server which barely ever break a few hundred players total during an average day, kinda shows that people don’t like the idea of having no Collide. i mean, if staff have the attitude of “were not ever going to change the server rules back” well then enjoy having the exact same problems you’ve had since 2014 because all we have done is gone full circle back to the start of TMP again,.
  25. The key word you missed was IF, i would understand if I’d said to you “oh, seeing as YOU love empty roads”, inferring that you spend 24/7 in the most dead parts of the map, yet what I actually said was “IF you love empty roads”, inferring that there is a CHANCE, not a 100% legit scientifically proven fact, that you drive on empty roads. First of all, I don’t NEED to be convinced of anything, do not try and surmise what I know, it’s fact that the further you stray from C-D and western, south western and northern Germany, the less people you see, the further east, north, west or south of the area that encompasses Calais-south of Lille and From Berlin across to Bremen and south as far as Cologne, the less people you see. Yes there are pockets of traffic in other areas, particularly in cities such as Oslo, but on the open road? Traffic is much thinner. Pas for the “VAST” majority? All you have to do is open the real time map on the website, look at SIM1 and then count the number of dots you see in the busy areas, better still, listen to the traffic reports and read the traffic page, I’m not saying that 4200 people are all crammed into a 500 mile radius, but the highest density of people is in that area, what’s more, there is a lot more traffic heading to and from the busier areas, hence why I said, there is a certain radius around the busiest areas where you will find more people than anywhere else on the map with the same square mile radius. Yes, as I stated previously, I’ve driven from St Petersburg to Berlin many times and recently found a new favourite route from Nuremberg to Plymouth. Like I said before, in YOUR experience, things seem to have miraculously gone from crap to perfect with the simple addition of 20MPH slower speeds? Hmmmm, okay? Somehow I don’t believe you. The same problems still occur no matter where you are on the map, you could be in Poland and still hit a troll, both before and after the update, just because for you personally, things seem to have improved 1000%, doesn’t speak for the majority of players, if that were true, then there would be no reports made daily, no kicks or bans being issued by admins all across the map. Like I said before, speed does nothing to change someone’s driving abilities, I would argue that a lower speed makes people more likely to be careless because there’s no danger level, I mean, what does adding a speed limiter do to stop people blocking? Stop people ramming? Stop people speed hacking or no clip hacking? Stop people driving wrong way and then blaming you for hitting them? I could go on and on, but honestly? The answer is NOTHING! Same issues, just getting to your destination takes longer and you’re more likely to get trolled trying to get their because the limiters stop you from getting passed or away from trolls. Like me I said before, I wish that TMP would learn from the past where 68MPH limiters were in place because back then, it’s exactly the same as the here and now.
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