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  1. Would it mess things up if the email address i use for truckersmp and world of trucks isnt the same as the email i use for steam? I made my steam 11 years ago. I still have access to it but i dont really use it anymore
  2. Even not mentioning the name being wrong. Why wouldnt any of my progress be syncing with WoT? I've put in alot of work and all of my progress is blank.
  3. I will email the address you gave and ask for the change, but why is the site not tracking any of my deliveries or miles? Why can't I get my VTC logo on my profile?
  4. Hello, I accidentally named my profile wrong in the game and idk if there's any way to fix that? Anyway everything seems set up right with my username and my VTC on truckersmp. On worldoftrucks.com None of my data is being uploaded, my username doesn't match anything else (i was in a weird mood when I made it) it won't let me delete it and it won't let me disconnect my games so I can re-create it, or use a different email to fix it. Any idea how to get worldoftrucks to start tracking my data and and change/fix my username because I don't want people online seeing my usernam
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