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  1. You know what? I'd take a traffic jam over trucks doing backflips and barrel rolls any day. At least that's somewhat realistic. But for one - that's why you'd have moderators. If someone is blocking - kick him out and everything moves on. Much better than piling up reports no amount of mods can process quick enough. Besides, you won't have a huge AI jam in one place anyway. And on CD there would be little to no AI at all, if the system is done right. I'm not gonna go into technicalities, but I know how this can be done properly, with minimal additional server load. Got inspired by the way GTA Online syncs AI actors between players. And I can guarantee SCS will be using something similar. From what I know about GUI libraries, scaling is a rare feature. And by the looks of the one used in the multiplayer, it's pretty dated. So most likely the devs won't be able to do anything without heavily refactoring or rewriting the whole thing for a newer and fancier library. Not to say TMP UI couldn't use some freshening up, but I wouldn't focus on the cosmetics when the back end is still so raw.
  2. I'm sure you understand It's like trying to fight a flood with a bucket. I did my part in submitting a bunch of tickets, but there's simply no end. It totals to hours simply putting up the videos and writing tickets. And for what? A guy gets a ban up to a week and then he's back again. Usually I'm the only one on the road, who's doing the posted speed limit. It's beyond me why so many players wanna race in a trucking game and insist on playing on simulation servers. Besides the time I rather spend driving than editing, after upgrading to a 4K monitor I can't be constantly recording anyway. In 1 to 1 it's simply unfeasible and in 1080p or lower - utterly pointless. The nicknames and any other text would just be a blur. Because that bootstrap TMP uses for GUI has no scaling option (you'd think how such a simple small thing would be so important, but it's not there). Sometimes I get kicked out of server because the headlight warning text is so tiny at this resolution... The best way to fix the mayhem would be to simply slow down all the hot heads with loads of AI traffic, instead of counting on everyone to record their gameplay every time they just wanna have a relaxing ride. Otherwise, no matter how hard you try, you gonna be constantly overwhelmed.
  3. One vehicle in a few months is better than never. And you have some leeway to not license anything, since it's a mod. It's not about it being too hard more than about wanting to do it at all. But you're right about one thing: a handful of patrons really won't cut it to fund that. As for the second part: when "MMO experience" consists of some random Chinese or Turk slamming you off the road going 140kmph, or t-boning you in a city, running a red light, or purposefully annoying everybody on the CB - it's not actually a selling point. That kind of experience I can live without. You may be surprised to see how many people would opt for a local 4-6 friend co-op with shared deliveries, AI traffic and mod support instead. Many things could be improved if that "new game mode" you teased a while back ever saw the light of day. That would actually be something to brag about.
  4. Modding has always been a grey area. But car manufacturers aren't usually so stuck up to issue C&Ds to every individual, who's creating addons using their brands. It's different for game developers. There are no loopholes. But both SCS and a number of small developers got away with using 100% accurate models by only debadging them. I'd only be extra careful when it comes to Ford. They have a long record of being particularly nasty and scummy with their IP. Worst case scenario - make the addon available for all users and/or make changes to it so that it's not infringing on anything. But I don't know how majority of backers would feel about it. In any case, such things are secondary issues that aren't worth worrying about until it's decided whether or not the community wants to make this happen. First there needs to be sufficient demand for custom mods. Then the will of dev team to fulfill it. The rest would be a technicality.
  5. Oh please, it's like you're still living in 1999. Of all reasons it's "not viable", this is one of the weakest. Bandwidths... Such a huge problem, I can't even imagine how other player-driven projects are dealing with it... As for 3D modeling challenges - don't make it look harder than it actually is. It's cool and all to be perceived as some sort of wizard by the general public, but mostly it's just a bluff. Same thing with programming. You just need to know what you're doing. So far I'm still not convinced. And I know damn well that all mentioned reasons for giving up are only arbitrary, which is sad.
  6. I'm amazed how one can find something here to warrant so much aggression... You'd have a really hard time convincing me that addition of patron-exclusive addons would have any impact on the experience of remaining players in a game that's devoid of any competitive elements. It's not even locations behind a paywall we're talking about. Everyone still gets to enjoy trucking with their friends without spending a dime (besides the game itself and official DLCs). Even mentioning the phrase "pay to play" in this instance is an extreme case of fearmongering (probably caused by lootbox PTSD). Besides, they're already doing it and the only problem with it is that said vehicle is just an AI car. I can hardly imagine anyone becoming a patron just to have it. But I thought a lot of guys would, if the stuff they were given was actually worth it. I do have a different vision. For this multiplayer to evolve into something bigger than a side project, perpetually stuck in "alpha" limbo. It's been 4 years FFS! To still call it "very new" sounds like a joke... A very unfunny one. There is potential and room for growth. I don't know why you're so against having more stuff to treat backers with (other than a badge beside their nickname) and have more resources to put into development as a result (because donations would grow). The whole idea behind this poll is exactly that - to show the dev team what they're missing out on. It's a suggestion. Because the staff told me to make a thread. And I've heard them complain about "limited resources" as the excuse for not investing into content creation. So here it is. But if no one wants it, then I'm wrong and they're doing the right thing by ignoring such suggestions. Believe it or not, I don't care if anyone agrees with my opinion. And I'm also used to seeing complacency killing off many promising projects. I'll just wait for SCS's official multiplayer implementation then.
  7. Sorry, I'm not used to sugarcoating things. I wouldn't donate myself the way it is right now... If you think it's biased, you can skip the vote entirely. It would be no different. As for vehicle types - I'll clarify: "addons" is a blanket term. It may be trucks SCS skipped on or haven't caught up yet (like the next MAN, etc)
  8. After seeing the announcement of "Alternating Vehicles" I thought the staff is finally ready to embrace mods into TruckersMP. One thing they lack is CONTENT. Don't know about you, but I'm not fond of taking a traffic car model, slapping a Skoda interior onto it and releasing it as "Top patrons-only" vehicle... But what if we had completely new ones, built from scratch? And not just enthusiast quality level, but created by a professional 3D artist? How many of you would crowdfund a step up like that?
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