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  1. Rider.'s post in [ANSWERED][CM] Game Suggestions Backlog was marked as the answer   
    Hello @MartinV90,
    This is a great question. We know that previous Community Management has neglected the suggestion area. We are trying to get through the suggestions we have logged by previous CMs to bring up to our management team. It will take us a while before we get all suggestions down to 0. We hope to improve significantly within the next few months.
    I want to say that the number of suggestions left behind for us to discuss with the management team can be overwhelming if we send them all at once. Therefore, we are taking it one day at a time. It is our goal to continuously work on the suggestion backlog while also working on our other internal tasks. So, every day when new suggestions get created, we note those down and will go from oldest to newest to bring up to the management team. We are also looking at older suggestions from 2019+ to see if we can decline or bring them up for discussion. 
    We are trying and can promise you that the suggestions are our top priority, but it can take time as we have other things to do internally and have other commitments IRL. 
    Nonetheless, thank you so much for this question, I hope this helped a little with what we are doing for the suggestion backlog.
  2. Rider.'s post in [ANSWERED][CM] Your first 3 goals when joining was marked as the answer   
    Hey Rebel,
    Thank you for asking this question. I have asked the entire CM team to give me the 3 goals that they had for the community when joining: 
    Clear the suggestion backlog. Unfortunately it has not been kept up with over the years. We have combed through nearly 100% of them now. Look into what we can do with the CC program, which I am in the process of doing. Get our Twitch channel back up and active. That is also being actively looked into Vicc
    Establishing a baseline of quality for posts on social media or Discord, streamlining the process and improving engagement. Continuing and creating various projects to improve community interaction/aspects of the community. Review and improve the VTC Validation/Verified programs + Community Contributor program. Purrie
    I did not have 3 specific goals that I wished to achieve before starting in the CM role. In any organisation things can be improved at all times over the whole organisation. And sometimes things you would want to improve can't due to various circumstances, so we should focus as whole organization on the things that can be improved in the foreseeable future and just always do our best for the community we serve.
    If I would have to name 1 thing I would like to see changed is that the times it's day and night shift each day a bit so if you only have time to drive in the evenings you do not always only have to drive in the dark but also have dawn, dusk and daytime.
    Bring back Hot Topic and improve it. Listen to the community and use that feedback/opinion/comment to improve. Fix the bond between CMs and the community.  
    Overall, we want to help and improve on anything that is needed. We are dedicated individuals who work as a team to improve TruckersMP every day or try to. We strive to create a healthy environment for TruckersMP and hopefully, can continue doing that. 
  3. Rider.'s post in [ANSWERED][CM] Will be there any changes in Requirements for joining TruckersMP Team was marked as the answer   
    Hey there, 
    Great question! At this moment in time, we are not looking at updating our requirements. The reason behind this is that we have rules and procedures in place within the TruckersMP team and if you can't follow the rules we have in place on our platform(s), it shows that you would not be able to follow them within the Team. This makes you ineligible for the team. 
    I can't speak on behalf of each management member and what they do for their team, but I do know that they check each warning and punishment given to everyone who applies and handle it as per their internal procedure they have.
    Nonetheless, I appreciate the question, but we are not looking at updating any core requirements any time soon.
    Thank you,
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