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  1. I'd have to agree with you on that one, I like your paint scheme on the Mack. Not so much the Kdub but very cool none the less.
  2. If you plan on using your truck for anything useful go with the 18 spd driver .
  3. I see so many players driving stock trucks, I’d love to see everyone’s paint schemes and rigs! (I’m not much on the European cabovers so I figured I’d make one on the ATS discussion.)
  4. More Mack Models More Peterbuilt models Just more Pre emissions models added in general, I know they don't want to piss people off with big black clouds and straight pipes but it would be nice. Also, just a thought, if they had added an actual shifter in the tractor? And maybe even splitting gears, It is supposed to be a trucking simulator is it not? When I put an 18 speed in my Peterbuilt I wanna be able to see me move it through the gears and such.
  5. W900, 389, Anthem Mack Daddy Long nosed peters and KenFrickenWorthit
  6. I hop on the CB and its either "Whater say bo?" and/or "Whatcha know good?" (Unless its a volvo)
  7. Any cab over. Or volvo...
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