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  1. Hi, When driving at TMP, I sometimes see convoys passing by with several members of the same VTC. As a member of a VTC myself, I'd like to get some advice how to proper set up a convoy with three/four destination points in advance. I've read about the community and event convoys, but thats not what I am looking for. I'd like to set up a convoy for my VTC in advance, and ask my VTC-members to participate that convoy. Tried with the dispatcher from Trucky, Trucksbook and Pickup, but somehow the created jobs work flawless for me in Single Play, but as soon I/we join the Multi Play-environment (TMP, not SCS Convoy), the created jobs are not there anymore for me, as well for all my VTC-members. I understand the concept of save game-editing. The way we do it now, is to get at a fixed starting point, and see if there's overlap in the jobs for every VTC-member that SCS/the game offers. Not often this leads to the same end point (obviously). So, how does one create a convoy for a VTC that we can drive together in TMP? Any pointers, advice, links to follow?
  2. Hi, In ETS2 I have three profiles: 1) SP Vanilla 2) SP with Promods 3) MP with Promods Everytime I start TruckersMP, I need to be careful to select the right profile, i.e. profile 3. Not that something terribly breaks when a wrong profile is started, but I'd rather prevent it. Is there a way to 'tell' TruckersMP to start ETS2 with a selected profile (in my case, profile 3)?
  3. Hi, I've noticed that when I am playing in MP, and returning (for whatever reason) to SP, ETS2 asks me what to do with the save file. The local save-file is actual and current, and the save file in the Steam-cloud is old. Have been playing MP for a week, and when going to SP, the save file in Steam is one week old. Obviously, I know what to do: upload the local save file to Steam. Is this by design, that save files are not synced to Steam, while playing in MP? Or did I forget to tick some setting, taking care of syncing the Steam save file.
  4. Hi, The last few days, I switched between MP (Simulation #2) and Single Play, all on vanilla maps (no promods). I was wondering, if there are consequences for my drivers running a delivery. Will their deliveries remain intact when initiated in Single Play, and while still delivering switching to MP (and vice versa). Or will some deliveries got cancelled, because of some reason? One difference is that the clock is running differently between MP and SP...
  5. Hi, Of all simulation servers, I understand the purpose of it. Except the SGP Simulation server. What does SGP mean?
  6. Hi, Today, I started to use the winter mods (the basic and the heavy one). Really nice. Now I have to take really care about carefully using the brakes and taking the corners at cautious speed. I was wondering, do other players at the same simulation server 'see' that I am playing under the restrictions of the winter mod? I.e., that other players understand that I am driving more careful because of slippery conditions? I guess not, as the mod is running local, and not server side...
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