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  1. Yeah, I understand you, but for perma bans is it easier to safe. Because you have the ban proof for ever to safe and then you don't have any problems, if the ban proof deleted.
  2. Hey, I understand your arguments, but i think, its better for permanantly bans.
  3. I think it's the easiest and safest route to Duisburg or to Calais. I hope i helped you with this post
  4. I think it's a good idea, but the situation will be not better with a NCZ. Player can drive into your cabine and you can't see anything and it's a simulator game and in real live you have colision. The main problem is start from highway, because the highway is full with trucks and it gives traffic jam. (Look at the picture) It's a good try, but i don't like the NCZ. That's my opinion...
  5. Whats your opinion? Should TMP start a video platform, for report clips? I think a TMP video platform would be make reports on website a little bit more easier for the player, because you don't need a Youtube account or something like these... And you can easier to safe "proof clips" from permanantly bans.
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