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  1. Suggestion Name: Higher speed when less than 10 players Suggestion Description: Since car are in game, i would like to drive where there arent many players around like east side of map but 110km/h is very slow and boring, especially for a car. We could increase speed to 140 or 150 when there are less than 10 players or outisde of C-D and cities. Im sure you guys are tired of hearing this but maybe if you are hearing it too much, there is a reason. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Driving alone in empty parts of the map is boring and slow with 110km/h. So in situations where there are less than 10 (maybe even 5) players, speed should be increased to allow for faster travel.
  2. Suggestion Name: Better Horsepower for vehicle Suggestion Description: My relative has CR-V which is 120HP(diesel) and almost 1.6ton. Yet at 40-60km/h when you push the throttle, car pushes you to your seat. Yet when i push gas in the in game xc70 at 50km/h car refuses to speed up. Its almost like xc70 has 70-80HP, which is a horrible feeling if you ask me. The speed is already limited to 110km/h. I dont think we also need to restrict horsepower, game is supposed to be fun and all... Any example images: - Why should it be added?: For a more "real vehicle like acceleration and not like volkswagen beetle from 1900s"
  3. For example: Suggestion Name: Better gear ratios Suggestion Description: i like driving realistically with cars but i just cant do it when the car goes from 2nd gear 5000rpm to 3rd gear 2000rpm. Its horrible. Not realistic in the slightest sense. Please put proper/normal gear ratios. Also gear ratio between 1 and 2 is too small. Its almost like the problem is 2nd gear ratio is too high. Well 5th and 6th ratios are too low as well. Any example images: - Why should it be added?: More realistic and fun driving.
  4. solved thanks. Btw is winter mods compatible with promods? yep it works (edit)
  5. https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/84 i can only download physics. the others just dont start downloading page gives an error. It was like this yesterday too
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