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  1. thank you, I can play it again now, well I can only play single player but atleast it works, Im currently using 1.36
  2. Still no luck, I tried step 1, i cleared the temporary files except the one that's being used then i restarted my pc and its still crashing after it loads the profile. then I tried step 2, i disabled everything that popped up there except the microsoft related stuffs then after i restarted my computer it did something weird, so first steam showed me something i haven't seen before, it was asking me to download this service that updates things and anti cheats bla bla bla, then it also deleted my nvidia graphics driver so i reinstalled it then i restarted my pc again but it still crashing, then on the final step sfc detected something and fixed it then i restarted my computer again and still crashing the last one keeps appearing everytime on the logs idk what it means but im sure its about dx11, my GPU has dx10 so it could be it but I already used this GPU to run ETS2 before and it runs ok i can play 60fps with low-high settings res:1366x768
  3. Yep, I tried doing that but steam says nothing is wrong on the file's integrity 1. Yep, TMP and ETS is both on (D:) 2. Yes, back when everythinf is working I was using the same profile for single player and multiplayer because I didnt know it was a bad idea. So now I deleted that profile because I think its corrupted and and I made a new one but it still crashing. And also at this point its not just the TMP who has problem, its crashing even when I'm trying to play singleplayer, I tried turninf off cloud sync and still doesnt work. 3. I dont really remeber, all i remember is thag i was using it for both singe and multiplayer 4. I checked it yestersay and i think i have all of it because I saw a bunch of visual c++ there from version 2005 to 2015. I also checked my .net framework and its version is 8.2
  4. No luck, nothing worked, my game is still crashing. Idk what could be the reason, I used to play the game with 60fps on low-high graphics and now its not working
  5. here is the crash log, i reinstalled my game and i deleted the ETS folder on the %documents% so you will only see 2-3(I cant remember how many times I launched it after reinstalling) crash logs here
  6. I used to get the screen where it asks me whether if i want to send thr crash log to the devs but now it just close the game and then nothing pops up, ill try this solutions later, im currently on my phone, and also thank you for your time. Ill check it out later when I go to my computer, its kinda early rn so yeah, thank you btw I haven't tried the solutions yet, but I will try it as soon as I go to my computer. Oh yes, im sorry i forgot to include it, ill send it later when I turn my computer on, its kinda early in the morning rn so yeah.
  7. So it was way way back to 2019 when this thing started, so what happened is I am dumb and I used the same profile for single player and multiplayer, so everything was fine for a month and then one day the game just started crashing after the profile loads. I tried to fix it, I verified the integrity of the game files and steam says nothing is wrong but it still keep on crashing so I reinstalled it, after I reinstalled it it still crashing after the profile load so I just completely gave up and completely uninstalled the game. After many many months I decided to reinstall it because I have a fresh windows, everything is up to date and maybe the problem already fixed itself. So I go to my library then I look for ETS then I installed it, then I reinstalled TMP after, but boy oh boy its still doing the same thing so I decided to just completely delete my profile, verified the game integrity but its still crashing idk what to do at this point
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