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  1. @POW&R Game Moderation Trainee -> Report Moderator
  2. Welcome back // Moved to Help
  3. @FourP. Media Team -> Player (Çıkarıldı)
  4. Back in 2021 Q1, TruckersMP has announced alternating vehicles update. This new update basically focuses on adding 2 new vehicles (mostly cars) for each month exclusively, selected with the votes from the community - and there is also the Scout. So you get two brand new vehicles every month besides the Scout car. Considering the fact that this is a truck simulator game, I believe this is more than enough cars in the game.
  5. @Naklov. Game Moderator -> Retired Team Member (Ayrıldı)
  6. @DatSpeed Community Moderator (Forum + Language Discord) -> Community Moderator Leader (Forum)
  7. // Moved to Off-Topic Discussion
  8. @[GökBörü] Snap Dragon'TR Game Moderator -> Game Moderator Leader
  9. @Shadel Add On Team -> Retired Team Member (Ayrıldı)
  10. @Canny_TMP Player -> Media Team @Babe Player -> Media Team
  11. @FourP. Player -> Media Team @Sienа` Player -> Media Team
  12. @DarkScream[TR] Report Moderator -> Game Moderator
  13. Hey everyone, This message is simply a reminder. I personally believe topics like such can easily heat up and lead to multiple rule violations. While discussing this matter, please keep in mind our Forum rules. Specifically, 4.2. Let's not discuss this matter with personal examples (sharing ban evidences etc.) as it has a great potential to misunderstandings and even rule violations. That being said, I will monitor this topic at regular intervals. Kind regards, DatSpeed TruckersMP Game Moderator + Community Moderator
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