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    I am Currently working as a Full time chef and i am wanting to later down then line own my own Restaurant
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    California: Los Angeles
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    United Kingdom: Manchester
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    English, Dutch

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About Me

• Chief Executive Officer - Firelodge Logistics

• Event Organiser - NHS Support Event

• Bot Developer - ATM Logistics, Lakeside Transport

• Full Time Chef - Hospitality and Catering


Hey, I'm BlackOut


i am a full time chef as well as the Chief Executive Officer of a VTC called Firelodge Logistics

we are currently upgrading our VTC and we will be relaunching our VTC very soon


in the mean time are you looking to have some fun and join a vtc with little requirements

Head on over to our Website and get applying today


Apply Today! - firelodgelogistics.co.uk/

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