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  1. When opening the game through the launcher everything is fine until I select the ProMods server. When I do the game just freezes on the server screen. I tried joining the base game server and everything works fine. What should I do?
  2. I have fixed the issue. I have persuaded a friend to download TruckersMP and then copied the files from his files into mine and it works.
  3. My launcher does not want to update. Every time I open the launcher it says "Download Update", but upon clicking the button, something loads (I saw the number 129) and then it just constantly loads. I researched this topic on your forums and found possible methods that would solve my problem. When attempting these methods step-by-step, non of them worked and the problem persists. What I am doing: 1. Opening the Launcher through the shortcut located on my Desktop (I even tried Administration mode) 2. Pressing the "Download Update" button. 3. Waiting. 4. After a long period of time (5-10 minutes) it shows me one of 2 error messages: - "Failed to validate *something*" - something along those lines (I don't remember it very clearly) - "Failed to download *something*" - something along those lines (I don't remember it very clearly either)
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