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  1. when I edit the game, if the changes I put are not applied, the file is automatically reset as before the changes
  2. I tried to change changes like duplication of lights but it doesn't work
  3. every time I edit the game, yes every change I apply is not applied, why?
  4. Hi! when I make a change to the Game.sii and then saving the changes they must not be applied, if I reopen the file the changes disappear, here is an example: When i save -- Before save after saving the file I open the game.sii again
  5. i have 2 but not yet fixed...
  6. I tried to download another be_decrypt.exe file. but the problem is still there "Has your problem been solved with the above solution suggestions?" No
  7. Twitch_VOLTEX


    Hi! when I use SII_Decrypt.exe on the Game.sii file I get this How i can fix?
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