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  1. The anti AFK kick made sense to me, as there was a gigantic traffic jam and there were multiple people not moving. I met a Chinese convoy once in Bulgaria on Sim1, but I'm curious too. There seems to be something that grabs the attention of Chinese players on ProMods. Maybe snow in Iceland?
  2. Thank you for your answer. I didn't know that you can cancel afk by just saying something in chat. Now I know
  3. Do you know why Chinese players say "y", "yy", "yyy" etc. so much? When I play on ProMods, every time I can see this. See screenshot below. My theory is that Windows in English dosen't display Chinese characters in the chat. What are your thoughts? Have you ever seen this phenomenon?
  4. Thanks for your response, how do I close this topic now?
  5. OK, but still these generic names are weird. People normally use nicks I think. This does not look like a normal VTC for me.
  6. Lately, I was trucking with my friend. When we were driving in Romania, we thought, that we will pass a large convoy. When we came closer, we've encountered something weird. Everybody had generic Chinese names and nobody was answering the voice chat. I just thought that these were bots, made by someone for an unknown reason. I have a recording of me driving near them. Maybe I should report them somewhere or maybe I'm too suspicious about this. Let me know what you think. If that post is in the wrong thread, please let me know too.
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