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  1. Hello there, I am glad that your problem has been solved. Thanks to all, who have participated. Have a great rest of the day! I will now move this to solved topics. Kind Regards, [DJ Trans*032] djmtrlltc TruckersMP Support + Translator //Locked and moved to solved.
  2. Hello there! At the moment, the only solution for you is to remove the summer mod as it was not fully compatable with 1.45. Do you have any other issue that is yet to be solved?
  3. 大家好! 因为此问题已经得到了答复,因此我将会把此帖移至已解决板块。 如果你有任何其他问题,欢迎创建新的求助帖。 感谢大家的参与! 祝好, [DJ Trans*031] djmtrlltc TruckersMP Support + Translator //锁帖并移至已解决
  4. Happy Birthday



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