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  1. Yes. I consider my problem solved with Titanic's answer. Thank you.
  2. I had to watch a youtube tutorial to figure out how to even enable the developer-tool. But I managed and it worked! I was able to free-cam on to the isolated road and the F9 myself there. The road got marked! May you get laid many times in the future! Thanks to all of you. Unfortunately Black Eagle was right - I am still missing something in order to get the last 00,01 %
  3. I already have - several times. I use a mod called "Discovery map helper" for the purpose. It removes all the icons, so you can actually see if a jobcenter or small truck dealer has been visited. It also changes the colors, so grey represent roads that ARE visited and red represents roads that HAVEN'T been visited. It's way easier to see a red marking in the sea of grey - to me, at least - than the regular way. Even if it's a hairline piece of road or if it's one of those tiny square thingys that sticks out sideways from country roads every now and then. I already found a few pieces of ro
  4. It does kinda look like an arrow head. Here's another screen shot that's more zoomed in. I'm not sure what you mean when you say teleport in? Or how? The only way I know to teleport, is to travel directly to a garage or to get hauled to a mechanic via F7. I don't know any way to teleport to a random stretch of road?
  5. I'm trying to nail the pathfinder achievement, since it's the only achievement I haven't got. I'm at 99,99 % with the base game + all existing DLC's. As far as I can tell, I'm only missing one piece of road. But I can't figure out how to access it? The location is North of Burgas and can be seen on the screenshot. On the map, it looks like a previous company or parking lot that now has been removed. There is an access-road - before and after - like with a gas station on the autobahn. But those access roads are now blocked off with yellow arrows. So how do I access that piece of roa
  6. Personally I'm a fan of the Skoda Superb. (15 years ago I even drove one as a taxi driver IRL). Not only would I like the car to stay, but I would like to have more cars - not just Skoda - to be introduced in the game, and I would like more options as how to tweak and upgrade them in the in-game chop shops. I'd also like a bigger variety of car trailers for cargo. Sure, some trolls likes to use them, but guess what? Those trolls will still be in the game, if you take away the Skoda. They won't disappear. They just switch to a different vehicle. What happens when they start trolling in a V
  7. It's probably when I'm doing a long or important WoT delivery, and then I crash so hard that I'll end up lying on the side or something like that. That and then that one time I tried the C-D road, to see what all the fuzz was about. 2 rams and 4 brake checks cost me around 80.000 Euros in repairs.
  8. I currently drive a Scania S730. At the time, it's blue. But I often change the colors. I generally favor the Swedish trucks.
  9. Tjele

    Speed Limit Discussion

    ETS2 is just a game. But playing TMP kinda makes it a MMORPG. My own experiences taught me that rules are needed, when you play MMORPG. Some people will go the extra length to show kindness and respect towards others. And some people just can't handle the power that comes with the Autobahn. As long as we still see a lot of problems with "merely" 90 km/h, I'm not sure it would be wise to crank it up. I.e. I often see drivers on the Autobahn, who are scraping against the crash barriers, because they are driving so fast, they can't follow the road properly. After all, th
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