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  1. Why drive so many people without any mission with a double trailer which only in Finland allowed in the Steinbruch in Kirkenes?
  2. Suggestion Name: Disable Save and Load and Autosave for Multiplayer Suggestion Description: The status of a player should not be saved on the players harddrive. It should be saved in a online database. The Player Statistic should be visible in the Website. Any example images: No Images Why should it be added?: Save and Load and Autosave is completely counterproductive in Multiplayer Mod. Instead of Save and Load and Autosave should there be a Statistic-Server with Crash Counter and on the Internet should the statistics be visible for all as a Hall of Fame. I hope you are going i
  3. Yes the problem is solved with the above solution suggestions.
  4. @Lukassrs: Thank you very much, this works very good,also in Multiplayer Mod.
  5. This is really annoying, when have a british trailer you get no cargo in another country, and this is the same with all other trailers...... This is no fun.
  6. Hello, i use Virtual Controller and the mouse X axis for steering and joystick for throttle and brake because this joystick have ot enough resolution, i guess this have only 100 points/axis. When i have the connections on and click right mouse button, i can disable the view rotating, but i want that it always off via changing config files. Know somebody how to disable the mouse view rotating? The developers of the Multiplayer version know it. Please help. i dont want to buy a wheel. When i buy a wheell, then one with 16000 dots high resolution, but the game can anyway only using 2000 dots per
  7. Drive just 100m at the autobahn, you will see then that this is ca 1km on the navigation system. The speed is everytime real speed. But the map is only ca 300x300 km big.... Yes, you drive in the game a Kilometer and the navigation system say this kilometer are 19 km, this can be. the 10/1 was only my estimation. this is really a big art to make such a map with such nice streets.
  8. And a Kilometer is only 100m long. Thats really a problem because when at the autobahn is a traffic sign exit in 100m the navigation system think this 100m are a Kilometer. I guess it is not so easy ro create a good time dilatation with length contraction The speed (Km/h) seems to be realtime and a km are a km and not only 100 meter. this mean just the navigation system and night and day using wrong time and distance.
  9. Thanks, i used X for the Windscreen wiper
  10. Hello, i drove in a short time 1000 km. Maybe in a h. But I was not 1000 km/h fast because at the same time the length is also shorter. This mean in ETS2 Is a Time Dilatation with length contraction. Who know the technical data how this exactly works? BTW. Off Topic: Which Key is the Talk Button in the Multiplayer, i found only the Y-Button for Chat.
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